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[Massiel Ubillus Rivera]

Massiel Ubillus Rivera '20
MBA in Strategy and International Business
Past Internship: American Express
Current Position: Consultant, Strategy & Innovation, Alcimed

"Pace made me feel like I could go places and achieve great things. When I visited the campus for the first time, I instantly felt like everyone was very welcoming, and I really liked that. I feel a great sense of belonging and never feel like I am just another student here!"

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[Priyanka Eluri]

Priyanka Eluri '20
BBA in Marketing—Global Marketing Management
Past Internship: CNN
Current Position: Audience Insights Analyst, HBO/HBO Max

"The best thing about being a part of teams in general is that you get to work with other students who have the same interests as you. Overall, these organizations have helped me expand my creative boundaries, develop my teamwork skills, and enhance my communication skills; these three things combined will definitely help me on my journey to becoming a well-rounded professional."

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[Michael Prusnofsky]

Michael Prusnofsky '20
MBA in Investment Management
full-time employment
author of The Veiled Discord

"One of my favorite characteristics about Pace is the diversity of its students and how that influences the student experience. I have met many students from numerous countries at pace and it has helped me learn about new cultures and businesses in those countries."

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Ligia Galvao '20
MS in Customer Intelligence and Analytics
Current Position: Business Analytics & Insights Consultant, Genecis

"At that moment, I realized that at Pace University I would get incredible support to up-level my career. The industry experience that Pace professors have, as well as the curriculum, which is filled with practical classes where I can learn about software commonly used in big companies, helped me realize that Lubin was the place for me."

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[Jennifer Giacobbe]

Jennifer Giacobbe '20
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Minor in Marketing
Current Position: Audit Associate, KPMG

"My biggest takeaway from college is that you need to work hard in order to get what you want. Undergraduate and graduate classes were not always easy. There were a lot of long nights studying in the library, but they were all worth it. Pace University has all of the tools to make students successful—everyone just needs to take advantage of them."

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[Sanjana Katoch]

Sanjana Katoch '20
BBA in Management—Hospitality and Tourism Management
Minor in Business Analytics
Social Media Marketing Intern at EN-NOBLE

"#LubinLife to me is building connections with your fellow peers, as well as your amazing professors and always seeking advice from them because they know what's best for you."

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[Sammi Li]

Sammi Li '20
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Current Position: SEM Coordinator, DAC

"During my college search, I read about internships many Lubin alumni credited to campus involvement. Shortly after arriving on the Pleasantville campus, I found Lubin's Center for Student Enterprise, the hub for student-run businesses. Being part of this unique organization has exposed me to valuable experiences that have developed my career and leadership skills."

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[Aniyah Molokwu]

Aniyah Molokwu '20
BBA in Management—Hospitality and Tourism Management
Current Position: Fundraising Manager, New Beginnings for U Restoration

"There are so many benefits to international education—the chance to experience new cultures, the opportunity to meet students and professionals from all over the world, and don't forget the food!"

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[Olena Hauser]

Olena Hauser '20
BBA in International Management
Minor in Internal Auditing
Current Position: Internal Audit Analyst, Goldman Sachs

"I would like to thank the Lubin School of Business and Dean Braun for giving me the knowledge and encouragement necessary to realize my full potential. My achievement is a true illustration of Pace University's vision of opportunitas and aspirations of excellence."

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[Manushi Dave]

Manushi Dave '20
MS in Human Resources Management
Current Position: Recruiter I, Hunter International Recruiting

"I had the chance to develop my skill set throughout my internship, and how it directly impacts your performance. It was the most enriching experience to be part of an organization like Jennison."

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[Gabriella Farino]

Gabriella Farino '20
BBA/MS in Public Accounting and Taxation
Current Position: Tax Consultant II, Deloitte

"I have been at Deloitte for over a year now, working in their Private Wealth Tax Practice. My experiences have been incredible! I get to see so many different aspects of tax that I truly don't believe I would get to see anywhere else. I also get to see what the workforce at a public accounting firm is really like."

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[Liza De La Garza]

Liza De La Garza '20
BBA in Management - Arts and Entertainment Management
Current Position: Marketing Manager, Dropwise

"This major allows me to combine my two interests so with it, I will be able to be part of the dance industry not only as a dancer but as a businesswoman."

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[Mia Janse Van Rensburg]

Mia Janse Van Rensburg '20
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: NBCUniveresal Media, LLC
Current Position: Account Coordinator, TripleLift

"I feel very lucky to have the chance to work and study in New York City, and I have always made a point of not taking that for granted. This is definitely a big motivator for me to keep working hard. I also try to surround myself with other ambitious and hardworking friends, which means we all push each other to pursue our goals."

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[Tandieka Johnson]

Tandieka Johnson '20
MS in Social Media and Mobile Marketing
Past Internship: Endeavor
Self-employed podcaster

"Being able to attend these events, listen to the executives, and ask questions in a larger setting, as well as at the smaller student leaders meeting, is very impactful. This is a valuable experience that I think more students should be taking advantage of. The opportunity to hear the first-hand stories of executives about how they attained their success is invaluable."

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[Melissa Correa]

Melissa Correa '20
BBA in Marketing—Global Marketing Management
Minor in Peace and Justice Studies
Past Internships: MindLeaps; The Madison Square Garden Company

"Having a full-time internship with a company that does such amazing work for children in Africa is remarkable. Finding new ways to bring awareness to the cause is my main point of focus this summer. It has been great to see the importance of marketing in a field I have never encountered before."

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[Alexandra Bosworth]

Alexandra Bosworth '20
BBA in Management - Arts and Entertainment Management
Minor in Marketing
Past Internship: Warner Music Group
Current Position: Brand Strategist, Horizon Media

"To me #LubinLife is about recognizing opportunities around you and taking advantage of them! Being in the city means that you have an almost endless amount of opportunities and cool experiences to take advantage of."

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[Cayley Plotkin]

Cayley Plotkin '19
BBA in Management - Arts and Entertainment Management
Past Internship: Disney Theatrical Group
Current position: Event Programming Coordinator, Digiday

"Pace felt like a tight knit community of students, faculty, and staff who wanted to see each other succeed. Everyone motivates each other and wants to help you meet your full potential."

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[David Le]

David Lê '19
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Team Captain, Lubin Sales Team
Current position: Marketing Associate, David J. Louie, Inc.

"Lubin has supported both my personal and professional goals by offering an extensive business curriculum that has trained me in the classroom and prepared me for real work experiences outside of the classroom."

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[Ruben Irizarry]

Ruben Irizarry '19
BBA in Public Accounting
Past Internships: Goldman Sachs and PwC
Current position: Core Assurance Associate at PwC

"Seeing the different struggles of each country was an eye-opening experience. It helped us further appreciate the life that we live."

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[Paige Predmore]

Paige Predmore '19
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internships: TMPG and RingBoost
Current position: Retail Sales Representative, The Hershey Company

"Being a student athlete teaches skills like time management and communication which are transferrable into my professional life."

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[Nurilya Sattybayeva]

Nurilya Sattybayeva '19
BBA in Quantitative Business Analysis
Past Internships: Société Générale, Douglas Elliman, and Morgan Stanley
Current position: Financial Analyst, Société Générale

"Be open-minded. Understand what skills you have and what jobs require those skills."

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[Erik Molin]

Erik Molin '19
BBA in General Business
Founder of Badpojken
Current Position: Customer Success Manager, Younium

"Running a business while in school makes it so much more educational. You can literally apply everything you learn in school to your own business."

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[Xin Yu (Jason) Chen]

Xin Yu (Jason) Chen '19
BBA in Finance
Past Internship: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Current Position: Wholesale Credit Analyst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"The analytical and technical work that I did over the summer is directly related to the finance class that I'm taking at Pace University. It allows me to look at numbers and financial modeling not just through the academic lens but put it into real life practice."

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[Sasha Ariel Alston]

Sasha Ariel Alston '19
BBA in Information Systems
Past Internship: Microsoft AthleTech
Current Position: Assistant Account Executive at DDB
Author of Sasha Tech Savvy Loves to Code

"If you are interested in stem, you have to be very disciplined and determined. It requires a lot of focus, studying, and practice. Being clear on what your mission is and how you will use the skills is key."

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[Jabari Chambers]

Jabari Chambers '18
dual MBA in Human Resources Management / Financial Management
Co-founder of Sylvian Hyde
Past Internships: Uncharted Power, Battery Park City Authority
Current Position: Senior Human Resources Generalist, West Side Federation

"My advice to Lubin students is to network with your classmates, professors, and professionals who visit the school. When you are networking with people do not focus on getting a job; focus on developing a relationship. You never know who could be of help to you in the future."

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[Emily Tree]

Emily Tree '18
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internships: Zac Posen, LaForce Marketing Communications Agency, and Rolling Stone Magazine
Current Position: Associate Media Planner, Carat USA

"The competition has been the greatest way to end my experience at Lubin. Working on Brand Marketing Team gave me the chance to put everything I've learned in my first three years at Pace to work, and I feel incredibly confident going into the work force after graduation."

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[Julian Alston]

Julian Alston '18
BBA in International Management
Past Internships: Comcast, Tesla, Uncubed, and Orchard Platform
Current Position: Client Success Manager,

"The best thing about my internship is the amount of work I am given and the trust that the director of my department has in me. I am given real projects/assignments to solve, and it has been very exciting!"

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[Samantha Schou]

Samantha Schou '18
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Past Internships: Goldman Sachs and KPMG
Current Position: Senior Tax Associate, KPMG

"I am so thankful to work closely with many full-time employees that constantly offer guidance and ensure this experience is the best it can be for me."

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[Jessica Lombardo]

Jessica Lombardo '18
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: The Clio Awards
Current Position: Client Relations Coordinator, The Clio Awards

"My #LubinLife has been educational, valuable and adrenaline-charged. I would recommend the Lubin School of Business to anyone looking to gain the experience and knowledge they needs in order to thrive in the business world. "

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[Dylan Jusino]

Dylan Jusino '18
BBA in Finance / Quantitative Business Analysis
Past Internship: The Waldorf Astoria New York
Current Position: Implementation Consultant, FactSet

"My supervisors heavily rely on me to get the job done... I go home every day with a feeling of importance."

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[Gjek Vukelj]

Gjek Vukelj '18
BBA in Finance
Past Internship: Hudson Financial Group
Current Position: Associate Trade Closer, IHS Markit

"Giving back in some way is how I'd like to live my life and working in a holistic environment, I believe, would be just the thing for me."

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[Rachael Morris]

Rachael Morris '18
BBA in Management—Business Management
Past Internships: Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, Anthropologie, and Louis Vuitton
Current Position: Brand Strategist, Horizon Media

"The people that I work with are fantastic! I feel like I have made so many connections at Zac Posen that can help me in my future. Also, just being in an environment surrounded by fashion has taught me so much about the industry."

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[Nicholas Gordon]

Nicholas Gordon '18
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management
Past Internships: Star Players of Massachusetts, Nickelodeon, and Viacom
Current Position: Associate Director ,Team Fox at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

"The entertainment industry involves a lot of networking along one's career, and with the connections I am making, I know I will have trustworthy colleagues to depend on if needed in the future."

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[Mikela Stevkovski]

Mikela Stevkovski '18
BBA in Finance
Past Internship: Morgan Stanley
Current Position: Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

"I believe this internship opened my eyes to the world around me. Before this experience, I never knew what it was like to work on a trading floor, but now I get to experience it first-hand."

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[Miki Carver]

Miki Carver '17
BBA in General Business
Past Internship: Fox News Channel
Current Position:Principal Deputy Press Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

"I met so many people that I plan on staying in touch with for a very long time. There's a networking aspect to these internships and I thought it was important to utilize that."

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[Shahzaib Khan]

Shahzaib Khan '17
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Past Internships: Nasdaq, KPMG, J.P. Morgan, and HSBC
Current Position: Analyst, J.P. Morgan

"My Past Internship: Nasdaq has definitely prepared me for the future. By working with many tax professionals in my department I have developed more skills and have learned what it takes to be successful."

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[Morgan Steadwell]

Morgan Steadwell '17
BBA in Finance
Past Internships: Zurich North America and JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Current Position: Product Team Lead, eVestment

"Zurich has also given me the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the insurance industry and my team has supported my education by guiding me through things that I didn't understand when I was first introduced to the field."

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[Mitchell Farrell]

Mitchell Farrell '17
BBA in Finance
Past Internship: National Hockey League (NHL)
Current Position: Staff Accountant, BGB Group

"The NHL has had such a great influence on my life growing up as a hockey player, so to be able to combine my finance skills with my passion for hockey is a dream for me!"

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[Brianna Dunkers-Brown]

Brianna Dunkers-Brown '17
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: NBCUniversal
Current Position: Senior Research Analyst, CNN

"The question students go to college to answer is 'What do I want to do with the rest of my life.' My Past Internship: NBCUniversal helped me answer that question. I have been searching for that answer for a while so to have this internship be able to answer that for me is tremendous!"

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[Choenyi Gangshar]

Choenyi Gangshar '17
BBA in Finance / Information Systems
(double major)
Past Internship: New York Life
Current Position: Portfolio Analytics Specialist, New York Life Investments

"The best thing about my summer internship? Every day has been a learning, exploring, productive, and unbelievably fun experience."

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[Diego Caro]

Diego Caro '17
BBA in Marketing—Global Marketing Management
Past Internship: NBC Sports Group
Current Position: Accountability Analyst, OMD USA

"The best thing about my internship is working for a network that has such a huge influence in the sports industry. I've always loved to play and watch sports so being able to work for a company that brings the thrill of sports to millions of people across the country is truly amazing."

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[Cindy Nguyen]

Cindy Nguyen '17
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internships: Christian Louboutin and Valentino
Current Position: Events Manager, Dolce & Gabbana

"Besides gaining invaluable friendships with my fellow interns, I've gained industry contacts and relationships that can take me to the next level. I no longer am worried about life after college but I am stoked to continue a career in fashion PR."

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[Jack Nunziato]

Jack Nunziato '17
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management
Past Internship: Fool's Gold Records
Current Position: Marketing Manager, Proven Data

"I believe that my time at these [internships] has given me a unique insight into my career path. I'm learning that to be successful within the entertainment industry, it is important to connect the dots of different facilitators."

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[Iliana Valor]

Iliana Valor '17
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management / Quantitative Business Analysis (double major)
Past Internship:Analyst, Pricing & Inventory Management, The Madison Square Garden Company
Current Position: Bsiness Intelligence Analyst, Business Strategy & Analytics at San Francisco 49ers

"I've really gotten to use the skills I have learned in my quantitative classes while working in the sports and entertainment business that I've learned about through my arts and entertainment classes."

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[Samantha Jeroloman]

Samantha Jeroloman '17
BBA in Public Accounting
Past Internships: Assurance Staff, EY
Current Position:Accounting Operations Associate Analyst at PepsiCo

"It has been a great opportunity to see how the corporate world works. Being able to communicate and make connections with many different people was key."

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[Brianna Celaj]

Brianna Celaj '17
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: Maggie Vision Productions
Current Position: Production/Talent Coordinator, Maggie Vision Productions

"Seeing hard work payoff on such a big stage is an amazing feeling!"

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[Paul Wallace]

Paul Wallace '17
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Sales Planner at WarnerMedia

"This internship has benefited me in so many ways...They've allowed me to do everything a full-time employee would do. I am not just an intern, I am part of the team."

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[Vinona Rugova]

Vinona Rugova '17
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: Media Buyer, TMPG/Uncover
Current Position: Mid Office Business Services Senior Specialist, at Randstad USA

"This internship has prepared me in many ways.... Overall I feel like a more confident professional."

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[Jordan Gonsalves]

Jordan Gonsalves '17
BBA in Management—Business Management
Past Internships: Google and Sprinklr
Current Position: Customer Success Manager, Adobe

"Some of the faculty here have become so much more than professors to me, but mentors - people that I can go to for advice beyond the classroom. Many of us, myself included, come to lubin as 'diamonds in the rough,' but we all leave as jewels with our own shine, crafted by our hard work and the guidance of our professors."

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[Robert Prindle]

Robert Prindle '16
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Past Internship: NBCUniversal
Current Position: Account Executive, NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Robert Prindle spent the spring semester interning at NBCUniversal, but it was his connections and networking from a past Past Internship: Viacom that really paid off. He has accepted a full-time position at Viacom, and starts shortly after graduation.

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[Andrea Reyes]

Andrea Reyes '16
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Past Internship: PwC
Current Position: Senior Associate at PwC

"My internship has sparked many new ideas about having a career at PwC and, in general, a public accounting firm. With the help of my supervisor, other Beta Alpha Psi members, and Pace alumni, I have had the opportunity to shadow professionals in different lines of services."

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[Matthew Nanopoulos]

Matthew Nanopoulos '16
BBA in Management—Business Management
Past Internships: Modell's Sporting Goods and Debt Resolve Inc.
Current Position: Enterprise Account Executive, Appcast, Inc.

Matthew's advice to other students looking for internships and full-time work is to network. "Talk to as many people as possible and get your name out there because people WILL help you."

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[Emileigh Beauregard]

Emileigh Beauregard '16
BBA in Marketing—Global Marketing Management
Past Internships: EMC2 and Publicis
Current Position: Marketing Analytics Manager, LEWIS Global Communications

"I feel comfortable with the people I work with...and they push me to learn as much as I can."

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[Heather Brown]

Heather Brown '16
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications / Management—Arts and Entertainment Management (double major)
Past Internships: Senior Digital Analyst, Austin Williams
Current Position:Co-owner of Marooned Clothing Co.

"Take any opportunity you can to meet new people and to be present. Exposure is what makes people remember you. Know what your added value is and what you can bring to the table and make that known to the people around you."

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[Sara DiGiovanna]

Sara DiGiovanna '15
BBA in Marketing—Sports Marketing
Past Internship: Strategic Partnerships Manager, Insight Data Sciences
Current Position: Founder of Mindful Miles

"I work in the Marketing Department at the New York Mets baseball team and I absolutely love what I do. Working with the Mets has confirmed how much I do want to stay in the sports and entertainment industry."

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