Unique Doctoral Experience

Unique Doctoral Experience

[doctorate in business]
Benefit from the Unique Doctoral Experience
Combining Research and Reality 

This doctoral program uniquely fulfills the educational needs of active business professionals.

  • Balancing breadth and depth. The program includes four foundation courses to examine emerging concepts in finance and economics, management, marketing, and international business and five concentration courses to develop your expertise in a selected discipline.
  • Integrating research and problem solving. Through four research courses, this program enhances your capacity to attack exigent business problems in bold new ways by employing systematic analytical methods and research techniques.
  • Merging theory and practice. The doctoral program emphasizes established and emerging theory that has proven potential for identifying, structuring, and solving business problems. You collaborate with seasoned professionals and accomplished faculty to advance business knowledge and improve practice.
  • Blending classroom and online learning. By incorporating the advantages of both collocated contemporaneous instruction and asynchronous distributed learning this program delivers effective and efficient doctoral education. Seminars continue your learning beyond the classroom.

The educational climate of this doctoral program enriches your learning by forming and energizing cohorts of candidates that complete most of their courses together. The cohort

  • Broadens your perspectives by leveraging the diverse experiences of managers from many industries, firms, and functions.
  • Stimulates your intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to attack complex problems.
  • Challenges you continuously through online discussions between monthly class sessions.
  • Motivates you to progress by providing an emotional and social support group.

Cohorts energize the educational process.

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