Frequently Asked Advising Questions

Frequently Asked Advising Questions

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Which courses can I waive?
For those who qualify, Preliminary Skills and Prerequisite courses for MS programs are the only courses eligible to be waived. The Office of Graduate Admission conducts an initial audit of your transcripts and will indicate any waived course(s) on your Program Analysis Sheet, however if you believe you didn't receive waivers you should have, you can request a review from Graduate Advisement via the Help Desk ( - direct your ticket to Lubin Advisement > Graduate). To be eligible for a waiver, students must demonstrate proficiency by completion of prior applicable coursework at a regionally accredited or internationally recognized institution. Proficiency is recognized by the following:

  • Two directly related undergraduate courses of three or more credits each, completed within six years of the student's initial enrollment at Lubin, with minimum grades of 'B,' or
  • One directly related graduate course of three or more credits, completed within six years of initial enrollment with a minimum grade of 'B,' or
  • Completion of 15 or more undergraduate credits (in a discipline specific to the course to be waived) with satisfactory grades.

I am an MS Accounting student and was an Accounting major in undergrad. I took a lot of the courses on the worksheet as part of my degree. Am I eligible for additional waivers?
MS Accounting students who completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting can submit a Help Desk ticket at to see if they are eligible for additional waivers and course substitutions. Once logged in to the Help Desk, select Lubin Advisement > Graduate and then Waiver Request from the drop down menu. Please upload your transcripts to the Help Desk ticket, which will be reviewed by the Accounting Department.

How can I receive transfer credit?
A maximum of six credits can be transferred from another graduate institution. Transfer credit is granted for all courses except MBA 820. Typically courses that transfer in are graduate level courses you took at another university that are directly related to a course requirement in your Lubin program. Transfer credit is reserved for courses that are not part of the Foundation or Preliminary Skills section of your program. Courses eligible for transfer must be:

  • Taken as a part of an AACSB accredited graduate program
  • Directly related to and the same amount of credit hours as a graduate course offered at Lubin
  • Completed within the last six years
  • Completed with a grade of 'B' or better

To apply for transfer credit, submit a Request for Graduate Transfer Credit Form (available at the office or under the 'Forms' section of the Lubin Graduate Academic Advisement webpage) and attach the course syllabus. Official transcripts must be on file with the Registrar so we can verify your grade(s) and the syllabus must be in English. Contact a transcript/syllabus translation service such as WES (World Education Services: if you need their services.

I'm an MBA Business Concentration student. What are my options for the Concentration Electives?
MBA Business Concentration students can fulfill this requirement by taking three Lubin 600 level courses. Lubin courses include ACC = Accounting, FIN = Finance, IS = Information Systems*, MGT = Management, MAR = Marketing, TAX = Taxation.

* Only IS courses listed on the MBA Information Systems program worksheet will be approved.

A course that I need is not offered when I need to take it. What can I do?
Students may apply for a one-time substitution for a required specialization or specialization elective ONLY if the course needed is not offered. You must obtain permission from Lubin Graduate Academic Advisement and the applicable Academic Department. To submit a substitution request, open a Help Desk ticket to Lubin Advisement > Graduate and indicate your reason for the substitution.

A section of a course I want to take is closed; is there a chance I can get in?
Students requesting to be admitted into a closed section should fill out a Registration Action Form (RAF) and detail the reason for requesting a closed course. The form can be found in the 'Forms' section of the Registrar or Lubin Graduate Advisement webpages. For a request to be considered, the closed course must be the only option for the student. We do not accept requests for professor or time preferences. Please submit the form to a Lubin Graduate Academic Advisor and we will work with the applicable Department to see if there is an opportunity to increase the size of a section or place you on a wait list. Additionally, you can keep checking the schedule to see if a seat becomes available in a closed section as students often make changes to their schedule before the semester starts and during the first two weeks of the semester, also called the Drop/Add period.

I have questions about withdrawing from a course during the semester. Where do I go for information?
Please visit the Registrar's webpage with a list of registration frequently asked questions at the following address:

How can I change my major or degree program?
Please submit a change of major/program request to Lubin Advisement > Graduate via the Help Desk at

It is strongly recommended that you choose your major/degree program as soon as possible. It is inadvisable to take concentration electives and then change your major. The concentration courses may not apply to the new major and will hence be in excess of your degree requirements. If you have any questions, please speak with a Lubin Graduate Academic Advisor.

I have a hold on my account and I can't register. How can I resolve it?
Please visit the Registrar's webpage for information on different types of holds and how to resolve them:

How do I take a leave of absence and how do I return to Lubin after my leave?
If you need to take time away from your studies, you will need to file a Leave of Absence Application and make sure you withdraw from all your classes if you are currently enrolled. To do this, you can complete a Leave of Absence Application (found in the 'Forms' section of the Registrar or Lubin Graduate Advisement webpages) and drop off at our office or email to for processing. In advance of the semester you wish to re-enroll, you must file a Resumption of Studies Form and submit to our office at least 8 weeks prior. Please note: If your cumulative QPA was below a 3.0 when you were last enrolled, you are also required to submit an appeal letter, addressed to the Director of Graduate Advisement and Student Development. Please allow additional time for the appeal process.

International students on an F-1 visa should check in with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) to confirm any visa status issues as they relate to a Leave of Absence.

How do I apply for a Medical Leave of Absence?
You can find the form and the Medical Leave of Absence Policy on the Registrar's website:

What must I do for graduation?
All students must file a Graduation and Diploma Application online with the Registrar 9-12 months prior to their intended graduation date (check for specific deadlines on the Registrar - Graduation Information webpage). It is strongly recommended that all students meet with a Lubin Graduate Academic Advisor prior to their final two semesters in order to do a comprehensive program review. Please note: Students cannot obtain a diploma without officially applying for graduation. Visit:

What is the difference between a full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) student?
Please contact the Financial Aid office‚Äč to determine whether you are a full-time or part-time student.


What is the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) I must maintain?
In accordance with the guidelines established by the Lubin Graduate Academic Standards Committee, all Lubin Graduate students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to be considered in good academic standing and to graduate from Pace University.

What happens if I am placed on Academic Probation?
If a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0 after completing 12 credits, he or she will be placed on Academic Probation. A student on probation will receive a letter by e-mail from the Office of Graduate Academic Advisement and Student Development, however, probation is not contingent upon this letter. It is the student's responsibility to reach out to us at 212-618-6550 or, if he or she is in academic jeopardy.

Students with a GPA below 3.0 will have a 'registration hold' placed on their account. Students with holds must make an appointment with advisement at least six weeks prior to the start of a semester to plan their registration. Once students are placed on Academic Probation, they are required to meet specific conditions in order to continue their enrollment and raise their GPA. If a student on probation meets these conditions, he or she will be allowed to remain enrolled. If a student on probation reaches the required 3.0 GPA the registration hold will be removed and the student will be taken off of probation.

What happens if I do not meet the terms of Academic Probation?
Students who have not met the terms of their probation will be subject to dismissal from the school. There are two types of Academic Dismissals - those with an appeal option and those without an appeal option. If a student appeals his or her dismissal, the academic history is reviewed by the Lubin Graduate Academic Standards Committee of the Lubin Faculty Council. The committee may then allow the student to be re-instated to the program with defined academic codnditions or may deem a final dismissal. Each dismissal case is treated on an individual basis. International students who are dismissed may be required to leave the country immediately dependent upon their visa status.

What is Provisional Matriculation?
Some students are admitted to Lubin as 'provisionally matriculated.' If students fall into this category, they will first be notified in their Admissions letter. Students who are provisionally matriculated are monitored for their first 12 credits of the program. If they reach the end of 12 credits and have not achieved a 3.0 cumulative GPA, they may be dismissed from the program.

What do I do if I get an 'F' in a class?
Students who receive an 'F' grade have a one-time only recomputation option with the Registrar. To file for recomputation, students must complete the Re-Compute Grade Point Application under the Forms section of the Registrar's webpage. The original 'F' will appear on your transcript but only the second grade will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average.

What if I get a grade I am not happy with? Should I take the course again?
If you receive a grade above an 'F' but you're not happy with it, it is not advised to take the course again. Students have a one-time only recomputation option for 'F' grades. Students cannot re-compute non-failing grades. For instance, if you earn a 'C' grade, it will stay on your transcript even if you take the course again and earn a higher grade. Both grades will be calculated into your cumulative GPA. Therefore, in most cases it's not worth the time and tuition.