Lubin Alumni Association Board Of Directors Committees

Lubin Alumni Association Board Of Directors Committees


Conversion & Retention Committee
Chair Cari Lawless
The Conversion & Retention Committee is focused on developing programs that will continue to connect the Lubin Alumni with the current student class by helping to retain students at the University. This committee also assists the Lubin School of Business (LSB) by engaging Board and Committee members and other alumni to volunteer for annual campaigns aimed at converting admitted students to registered students.

Community Service Committee
Co-Chairs Suvro Banerjee and Renee Willis-Smith
The mission of the Community Service Committee is to enrich the volunteer experiences of the Directors in a manner that is consistent with Lubin’s mission to cultivate tomorrow’s leader and citizens for active participation in the larger life of the nation and the world beginning with the University community.

Student Relations Committee
Co-Chairs Angela Kong and Shad Fahmy
The Student Relations Committee promotes interaction between Pace alumni and Pace students. A major function of this committee is to review applications and interview selected candidates for the annual Lubin Alumni Association Award. The Award is given to exceptional students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and commitment to the Pace motto, "Opportunitas.”

Communications Committee
Chair Anthony Reinhart
This Communications Committee works to communicate the message and mission of the board and alumni by seeking opportunities for publicity through our activities on the University website, Pace Magazine, social media and through working with the University to encourage involvement at University events and activities.

Events Committee
Co-Chairs Christina Vricella and Rachel Chopra
The Events Committee was created to further networking among Lubin alumni and our board through sponsorship of events such as lectures, social activities, student interactions. The committee will achieve its goals by supporting Pace and Lubin specific activities.

Nominating Committee
Chair Andy Bergman
The Nominating Committee vets and recommends a proposed slate of directors and officers who will work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the Lubin School of Business Alumni Association ("LSBAA"). Members of the Nominating Committee are appointed annually each fall by the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of the full Board.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Chair Angela Kong
The Constitution and By-Laws Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the Constitution and By-Laws of the LSBAA to assess that it continues to facilitate the mission, goals and operations of the LSBAA, its Board of Directors and any Committees of the Board. Proposed amendments developed and approved by this Committee are presented to the LSBAA Board of Directors for consideration and ratification.

Relationships Committee
Chair Susan Lubalin

**The Nominating Committee and the Constitution and By-Laws Committee are open to Lubin Directors by invitation only.