Letter to Alumni

Letter to Alumni

Greetings, Lubin Alumni:

Remember that life at Pace does not end when you graduate; it continues, grows and thrives.

Since graduating from the Lubin School of Business with a BBA in Finance in 1968 and with an MBA in Executive Management in 1978, I have remained quite active at the university. I have recently been elected as President of the Lubin School of Business Alumni Association Board of Directors after previously serving as President of the University-wide Alumni Association some 40 years ago. I have been on the Board of the Alumni Association for over forty-five years and have enjoyed every moment of serving on this wonderful Board and contributing to the advancement of Pace. From sharing Pace's hallways with people such as Robert S. Pace and Edward J. Mortola to passing through today's modern Pace facilities, I am proud to have been associated with Pace over these many years and to have watched its growth.

During the course of my years on the Board, I have also managed to stay in touch with many of my original classmates, and have interacted with many newer graduates whom I've met over the years. The things we share are an appreciation of the principles and practices we learned at Pace, and the long-lasting friendships formed there. Both our business and our personal lives have been enriched through our associations with Pace, with many of those former classmates having gone on to prominent positions in their chosen professions.

The Lubin School of Business Alumni Association Board of Directors represents a major sector of the School's over 149,000 alumni population at Pace. Our Board's primary objective is to advance the mission of the University, "Opportunitas," and to promote stronger relationships among the Lubin Alumni population. We Directors of the Board serve as advocates for Pace and the Pace alumni family, and we work to provide an infrastructure that facilitates meaningful relationships between the University and its alumni. My primary objective as President of the Lubin Alumni Association is to increase the ways in which we interact and build closer relationships with our alumni. Our Board wants to keep alumni excited and motivated so that they will be more active in participating in Pace and Lubin events such as Homecoming, Reunion, the Holiday Party, and alumni and student events. You can find upcoming events on the Alumni Events Calendar.

You might be interested to know just what our Lubin Alumni Board does:

We meet several times a year to plan programs and discuss ways we can further cultivate participation in the life and growth of the University. In fact, during the last several years, we have sponsored numerous professional and educational events, receptions and social events for informal socializing and networking, as well as attending numerous student club activities. The response to our past events has been extremely positive and we are pleased to provide opportunities such as these to bring alumni of the School together.

The Directors of our Alumni Board have not only spoken at various lectures and continuing education seminars, but we also represent the Lubin School alumni on various other volunteer committees.

We serve as mentors to students and are actively involved in mentoring incoming freshmen, as well as upperclassmen, ensuring that the Pace experience continues through graduation and beyond.

We thoroughly encourage alumni to contribute to social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere through adding their pictures, posting when they attend or have attended a University-sponsored event, and sharing University news. The following are excellent places to link to the main alumni social media outlets:

Please consider volunteering as a mentor, speaker, or attendee at student events by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations for more information. In addition, we welcome alumni participation on one of our Lubin committees, including Student Relations, Communications, Events, and Relationships. We hope that you will be encouraged to join our Board by filling out an application form. The Lubin Alumni Association Nominating Committee entertains directorships on a yearly basis by invitation.

Finally, and most importantly, we ask that you contribute to the Pace Annual Fund and designate your gift to the Lubin School of Business. U.S. News and World Report heavily considers alumni contributions in its ranking of universities. You will not only make a difference by your contribution, but you will also help to increase the value of your Pace degree. Please remember that it is not the amount that you give, but the fact that you give that makes a difference.

In any case, wherever you go in the world, you always have a place at Pace. On behalf of the Lubin Alumni Association Board, we look forward to seeing you on campus.

Harry D. Mayo III, President
Lubin Alumni Association