"#LubinLife is also about differentiating yourself by becoming a well-rounded and educated individual with a big network of like-minded, driven people."
– Amber Corbett, Class of 2022

Meet Amber Corbett '22, a true New Yorker who has been learning about resilience and time management from her experience participating in pageants. Now she is ready to get to business. During her last pageant in the Miss New York USA division, she brought in her UNV 101 Pace Path presentation and it was what set her apart from the competition. She proved to have not only the looks, but the ambition to become an outstanding business professional! We talked to Amber about her time at Pace and what motivates her. Read about it here!
Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business? 
I wanted to attend a college in New York City because it gives me access to opportunities and hands-on knowledge that I would not get anywhere else. Additionally, I wanted to participate in the great internship and study abroad programs that Lubin has to offer.
What type of opportunities and resources have you been taking advantage of as an undergraduate student at Lubin?
I was motivated to attend Lubin's Resume Workshop and visit the Career Services office during my first semester at Lubin. I was able to work on creating a professional resume so that I could begin searching for internships early on.
We know that you participate in pageants, tell us a bit about that experience.
I have been competing in pageants for the last seven years and have been able to travel throughout the country competing in various systems. Most recently, I competed at Miss New York USA and pushed myself harder than I ever have before. I entered the Miss division this year and I was the youngest in the competition! And although I did not bring home the crown, I was able to compete in my dream gown and give the best interview that I have ever given. 
How will you apply what you learned there to the rest of your career? 
Pageants have definitely shaped me as a person and because of that I have so many traits and skills that I can now apply to my career, most importantly discipline and resilience. Like many things, pageants seem easy, but they are actually very far from easy! There is so much that goes into preparing for a pageant. Having the proper time management skills is essential in order to be ready to compete. This is a transferrable skill that will be really helpful in my business career. Additionally, I've learned how to set myself apart from the other competitors in pageants, a very valuable lesson that will help me stand out in my career.
What comes next in the story of Amber?
My immediate goal is to work towards landing a great internship, continuing to make videos for my Youtube channel, and getting back on the Miss New York USA stage!
What is motivates you to work hard?
I have always been driven by preparing myself for the future. I have many goals for myself that I know I cannot even come close to achieving unless I work hard and work smart. I remember thinking that I was behind in my college search in elementary school and now that I am in college my ambitious nature has kicked into full force. I recognize that in order to live the life I desire to live, I have to work hard. That's what motivates me.
Do you have any advice for other Lubin students?
My advice is to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of all of the great opportunities that Lubin has to offer!
What does #LubinLife mean to you?
To me, #LubinLife means opportunity and experience! Lubin gives us opportunities to succeed in the real world that we can't find anywhere else. #LubinLife is also about differentiating yourself by becoming a well-rounded and educated individual with a big network of like-minded, driven people.

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