"Pace felt like a tight knit community of students, faculty, and staff who wanted to see each other succeed. Everyone motivates each other and wants to help you meet your full potential."
– Cayley Plotkin, Class of 2019

Where are you interning this summer?
I am the Domestic Touring Intern at Disney Theatrical Group right in Manhattan.
What made you decide to attend Pace University/Lubin School of Business?  
Originally, I wanted to be a performer and I had a bunch of college auditions scheduled throughout the country. After submitting some of my audition tapes I realized that I did not want a career in performing and I had other business and leadership skills that I could definitely put to good use with a business degree. I knew I wanted to go to school in NYC and Pace felt like home after I first visited. It felt like a tight knit community of students, faculty, and staff who wanted to see each other succeed. Since being here my feelings have been solidified. Everyone motivates each other and wants to help you meet your full potential. My parents suggested the idea of going into the business of entertainment, a career path I had not even thought of. Once I got into my first Arts and Entertainment Management class I knew that this major and career path was for me.
What have you been working on at your internship? Has it sparked an interest in a career you hadn't already thought about?
As the Domestic Touring intern I work with all aspects of the touring productions of The Lion King, Aladdin, and coming soon: Frozen. That means I work on marketing aspects, creating scripts for television spots and organizing the media schedule. I also work on financial aspects. For example, I help project ticket sales and estimate the sales and potentials for different packages, such as VIP, at the different engagements. I also work on just general aspects of the tour. Additionally, all the interns from the different departments work on a project as a cohort to produce a hypothetical production of a Disney property that has not yet been brought to the stage. We put together the entire business plan and then present it to the entire company and the end of the summer. All I've done so far has just been in the first two weeks, so I am ecstatic about all the other stuff that is to come!
How does this internship fit into the puzzle that is your Lubin experience?
Since I started thinking about my career freshman year, I knew I wanted to work within the realm of children's and family entertainment. Of course, as part of that plan working at a company like Disney is a dream and fits right into the puzzle. Gaining experience with the front runner of live entertainment and Broadway is something that contributes to my Lubin experience. Not only will I be able to share this experience with other students, but I will be able to apply what I have learned in the classroom.
Do you believe your internship experience has helped to prepare you for your future?
100%. I've had 4 internships now since being at Pace and each one of them has shaped me in some way. From some of the internships, I even realized going down certain career paths would not be for me! Each of them has been an immense learning experience. I've gained skills from each internship that have transferred over to another job, internship, or even class.
What motivates you?
I would say that other Pace students motivate me. Many of my friends are interns at great companies like Viacom, Nederlander, and NBCUniversal. Their success and motivation is what keeps me going and looking to the next big thing. We all support each other and help each other out to keep ourselves motivated. It's a really great environment to work and learn in.
Any advice for other Lubin students who are looking for internships?
I would tell them to never skip out on applying because they feel like they don't have experience. When I applied to work at Disney I totally felt like I lacked the experience I would need to work at such a prestigious company. I thought I did not have enough big companies on my resume to make a lasting impact with a Disney recruiter or my future supervisor. I applied anyway because I knew I had the basics like Excel and communication skills and I obviously could not know everything going in. I nailed the interview and I'm working here today. When I spoke to my supervisor she said that she actually did not like hiring students with a ton of internships and that knew everything. An internship is supposed to be a learning experience and hiring managers know that. Never pass on something because you think you're not ready.
In a few words, how do you define your #LubinLife?
I would say that #LubinLife is all about making connections that you can take with you after college whether that's from mutually supporting other students or spending extra time with a professor and definitely working hard and staying motivated!

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