"Lubin has supported both my personal and professional goals by offering an extensive business curriculum that has trained me in the classroom and prepared me for real work experiences outside of the classroom."
– David Le, Class of 2019

Meet David LĂȘ '19, an Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications major who recently led the first ever Lubin Sales Team. After taking a sales class as a major elective, David became passionate about the art of sales, and he found a way to take his classroom learning to the next level. We talked to David about his experience leading the Sales Team into the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?
I chose Pace because I found that its foundation is built upon quality academics, civil service, and most importantly, career development. Lubin has supported both my personal and professional goals by offering an extensive business curriculum that has trained me in the classroom and prepared me for real work experiences outside of the classroom.

You recently led Pace's first ever Sales Team in a national competition. Tell us a little about that experience and the accomplishments of your team.
It was one of the most integrated and fulfilling learning experiences I've had. I am proud to say that my Lubin experience successfully prepared me to lead Pace's first ever Sales Team. From leadership experiences in student organizations to managing team consulting projects in class, I was confident in my role as team captain. The National Collegiate Sales Competition is a multi-round, 20-minute professional selling role-play competition in which participants sell a product to actual business professionals. Mariama Diallo '19 and I competed against over 80 colleges and universities, nationwide, that have well-developed sales programs and sales centers. With our sales experience being limited to Professor Markovitz's Sales and Sales Management course, his training, and the training of Assistant Coach, Marty Polizzi, we were able to make it through two rounds - placing 5th in the 2nd round. Walking into the competition room while carrying Pace's engraved portfolio, I knew I was making Pace's mark on a national level. I am extremely impressed, elated, and proud of the hard work that our team of four (Mariama Diallo '19, Lucas Caiola '19, and Alexander Forzano '19) put into preparing for the competition. In addition, we were able to walk out of the competition with job interview offers from companies such as Tanium, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Guardian, PayChex, and more.

How will you apply what you learned there to the rest of your career?
This experience provided me with an understanding of how real-life business relationships work. Throughout the four-day competition, I was able to network with professionals from major companies such as Guardian, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Gartner, PayChex, Abbott Nutrition, and Granite. It's very simple to learn how to network from readings and class assignments, but the opportunity to actually put it into action is a whole new experience. This opportunity allowed me to learn how to proactively listen, understand a client's needs, and increase a client's profitability. These are skills that will help me stand out and be an attractive candidate to any company, as well as help drive my professional career.

What motivated you to take on this extra-curricular activity?
One of the things I like to tell myself is that once I become overly confident in the work that I do that means I'm too comfortable; being comfortable means that I'm not challenging myself enough. Last fall I didn't even know I had a passion for the art of professional selling; I found that passion while sitting in Professor Markovitz's Sales and Sales Management class. It was an art that I slowly started to discover I enjoyed. So, when Professor Markovitz challenged me to initiate the first ever Sales Team, I jumped on board. Don't be afraid to take on new challenges because getting out of your comfort zone is how you grow.

What are your goals moving forward for the sales team now that the national competition is over?
Currently, my goals are to further establish and expand the Sales Team. We were able to go to the National Competition in Georgia through the generosity of alumni Nathan Perlmutter '71 and Gus Maikish '73. Professor Markovitz and I are working to find sponsors and recruit new students. Overall, I want to establish an official sales program and sales center for Pace University. Evidently, from this year's competition results, there is a huge opportunity for Pace University here.

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students looking for opportunities beyond the classroom?
Going back to the idea of getting out of your comfort zone, Pace University offers so many resources to develop you as a business professional. For opportunities outside of the classroom, go to events that might fuel your interests. It is not solely about the context of the event, but the people that you might meet. During the spring semester of my junior year in 2018, I went to a Student Veterans Networking event that one of my colleagues, Nicholas Muniz '19, invited me to. I was the only non-veteran student in attendance, but I didn't let that prevent me from networking. The connections I made at this event eventually led to my recent promotion at a mid-size wholesale insurance agency here in the Financial District. Pace University and the Lubin School of Business offer so many opportunities, you just have to take action.

What does #LubinLife mean to you?
To me, #LubinLife means using resources in order to become tomorrow's business leaders. With all the opportunities and resources readily available at Lubin, this goal becomes so much easier to achieve.

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