"My #LubinLife has been educational, valuable and adrenaline-charged. I would recommend the Lubin School of Business to anyone looking to gain the experience and knowledge they need in order to thrive in the business world."
– Jessica Lombardo, Class of 2018

Meet Jessica Lombardo, a 22-year old senior that after transferring to Pace found her career path and true passion: Advertising and Promotion. Here, she describes the experience of being a part of Pleasantville's Brand Marketing Team, or Ad Team, for which she was an Associate Creative Director, the Chair Script Writer and a Presenter. The team came in second for their NSAC competition, locking in amazing success for everyone in the team. 
First of all, tell us a little bit about you, about Ad Team, and how you ended up becoming a part of this year's team and in the role you were assigned.
At my former school, I was a Liberal Arts major, unsure of what I wanted to do in life; but after transferring to Pace and joining the Lubin School of Business as an Advertising and Promotion major, I felt comfortable with my choice. However, it wasn't until I joined the prerequisite class for Ad Team, Advertising and Promotion class taught by one of the best professors I've ever had, Paul Kurnit - aka PK - that I was truly happy with my decision. PK introduced Ad Team to the whole class and encouraged us to think about it and sign up if we really felt that we were able to contribute our unique ideas, hard work and free time, which I did. During the second semester of Ad Team, I became Chair Script Writer, Associate Creative Director, part of the Marketing group and one out of four presenters.
Describe your experience as a member of the team and in your role. Do you feel like you grew as a professional that way? If so, how?
I had such a wonderful experience as one of eighteen parts in the machine that was Ad Team 2017-2018; I grew so much more than I thought I would during this class. For the first semester, we were broken up into three different groups, competing against one another to create an amazing campaign based off of the client's case. This gave us an opportunity to work closely with our groups and take a first stab at building a brilliant campaign. Right before the second semester began, we presented each campaign and selected the one that we were going to use; this was when team roles were assigned. Being the Associate Creative Director and a part of the Marketing group gave me a great opportunity to share my innovative opinions as well as my copywriting abilities. Being the Chair Script Writer, I was able to bring our presentation to life by creating characters for each presenter, as well as tell the story of how we landed on our campaign and how we decided to execute it. Being a presenter was one of the best decisions I made on Ad Team. It was nerve-wracking and a little out of my comfort zone, but I quickly realized that public speaking isn't so bad when you know what you're talking about. This entire experience absolutely helped me grow as a professional It also taught me a lot more about how to work in a team than any other class has, which is an important skill to possess in the real world.
Tell us a little bit about the amazing team of students you were working with to accomplish your goals.
I was lucky to have such a fantastic team of people to work with this year; Ad Team became like my little family - my home-away-from-home. As a presenter, I was able to select people who helped me learn my lines and assist with my pre-presenting jitters. I chose to work with Angela Himmelberg, Nicholas Pisano and Jared Tang-Alejandro; this became my little family inside of my bigger family. I worked with other incredibly talented individuals, such as Teresa Funk - a former Ad Team member who had joined our second semester to help us with our Ocean Spray campaign - and Alexis Neuville, who took control of the Plansbook and drove us to succeed as a whole. There were leaders who really took charge of their groups, such as Melanie Alonso and Justin Grossman; them, and so many more of my teammates put in dedication, hard work and extreme effort which helped to lead our team to second place on day one of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).  
How did you deal with time management, balancing ad team, classes, and an internship, etc.? (let me know here about any other types of activities you took on during that time)
Time management is definitely something that you need to be equipped with in order to fully participate in Ad Team. It's something that I have always been pretty good at, but for a lot of people, they have to actively think about and work at it, and that's completely normal and good to do. My advice on dealing with time management is to write down a schedule for the week, with assignments and/or tasks that needs to get done on each day - this can be done for all accounts including work, school work, other plans…etc. This really helps to have a better understanding of one's weekly schedule and aids in accomplishing each task/assignment in a timely manner. 
How do you see the ad team experience affecting the future of your career?
I will be able to use the plansbook that we created in upcoming interviews, to showcase the campaign that I helped bring into fruition during this last year. The many lessons that I learned - such as in team work and presenting - will carry over, not only in the work force but in my future endeavors in general. A great way that Ad Team has affected my future currently, is the internship that I gained from being a part of Ad Team. I was lucky enough to be plucked straight from Ad Team to The Clio's, and will be working with them from the end of May to early September, for their summer internship program (2018). I'm extremely excited and utterly grateful that Ad Team and PK have driven me to obtaining such an opportunity.
Do you have any plans or a vision for after graduation?
My goal after graduation is to work in advertising, most likely in New York City, as I am so lucky to live only 45 minutes away, by train. I want to work in the field of advertising for a good 10-12 years, and then once I begin a family, I want to go back to a college like Pace, and become a professor, teaching business classes and sharing my knowledge and experience with others, like PK has done for me. 
Other than Ad Team, what has been your favorite memory or experience here at Pace/Lubin?
Honestly, besides Ad Team, the prerequisite class - Ad and Promo - is a really good memory for me, as I met some of my best friends through it. PK's classes were - and still remain - my favorite at Pace; he is such an incredible professor and mentor, and I would recommend him to anybody, in a heartbeat.
Any advice for incoming freshmen on how to get the best out of their Lubin experience?
I would advise incoming freshmen to step out of their comfort zone and try the new experiences that Lubin has to offer. Attend some of the Lubin Business Association meetings; they teach you a lot and there is a lot to gain from them! If you are to join a class like Ad Team, do something daring like presenting in front of 7 other schools and a panel of judges…it's exhilarating and will help with any public speaking doubts. And overall: have fun with it!
In a few words, how do you define your #LubinLife?
My #LubinLife has been educational, valuable and adrenaline-charged. I would recommend the Lubin School of Business to anyone looking to gain the experience and knowledge they need in order to thrive in the business world. 

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