"I highly recommend attending the Job and Internship Fair because that is where I got my internship. Be sure to research the companies that you are most interested in before attending the job fair so that when you engage with the representatives, they can see that you have a high level of interest in their companies."
– Matthew Martinez, Class of 2021

As President of the Investment Club on the Pleasantville campus and a participant in the Student Managed Investment Portfolio, Matthew Martinez is dedicated to keeping #LubinLife very vibrant on campus. A finance major with a minor in mathematics, Matthew has been taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Career Services and he even landed multiple internships through the on-campus Job and Internship Fair. We talked to Matthew about what his life as a Lubin student is like.
Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?
I transferred to Pace University's Lubin School of Business after my freshman year at University at Albany (in New York) because of the smaller class sizes. I had realized when I first started college that sharing a class with 400 other people was not for me. I also love how the professors at Pace are very accessible. I know if I need one-on-one help, I can get it. I also chose Lubin because of its hands-on, experience-based education model. Before coming to Pace, I already had the belief that, especially in the business field, it is essential to get hands-on experience before you graduate from college. Pace offers precisely that through the  Career Services office, internship fairs, student-run businesses, and multiple companies they bring to campus to talk to students.
As part of your Lubin experience, you have participated in our Student Managed Investment Portfolio and recently presented at the QGAME, representing Pace University. Please tell us about that experience.
The Student Managed Investment Portfolio class taught by Professor Filante is a must-if you are a finance student at Lubin. This class provides an opportunity to manage the school's equity portfolio, which now consists of over $600,000. My classmates and I got to pitch a stock to the class to add to the portfolio. You are taught various techniques for putting a pitch together, such as valuation methods and analyzing financial statements. I pitched Brookfield Property Partners. Subsequently, we purchased 1,000 shares at $9.33 a share. 
Because of my active involvement with the portfolio, I led a presentation at QGAME (Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Exhibition), representing Pace University. I presented on our portfolio and its contents to a panel of industry professionals. During 2020 we accumulated a return of around 38%, which put us in 3rd place in the undergraduate growth portfolio category. 
You had two finance-focused internships during your time at Pace. Tell us about these real-world learning experiences.
I interned at Foresters Financial Services, now known as Cetera, during my sophomore year. Through this internship, I learned how to professionally conduct meetings with potential clients and what products a financial services company can offer to help individuals reach their goals in the future.  While in the program. I was able to sit in on team meetings and attend client pitches, which was probably my favorite part of the internship.
Most recently, I interned at Harley Capital LLC, a branch of National Securities. During this internship, I directly had an impact on the sales team because I provided client leads. I also performed equity research on innovative and disruptive companies in the technology industry and then pitched them to partners at the firm.  
Do you have any advice for other Lubin students looking for internships?
It is essential that you meet with a Career Services counselor at the start of every semester to update your resume and LinkedIn profile in the most effective way. I also highly recommend attending the Job and Internship Fair, because that is where I got my internship. Be sure to research the companies that you are most interested in before attending the job fair so that when you engage with the representatives, they can see that you have a high level of interest in their companies. My last piece of advice is to use every possible opportunity to network. The more Pace alumni you come in contact with - even to have a 15-minute conversation - the more real-life advice you can get about breaking into the industry. Pace alumni are highly open to helping current students at the school and they always welcomed conversations with me. 
You are the President of the Investment Club. Tell us about your role in this position.
As President of the Investment Club, I try to connect students with similar interests in the equities market and investing in general. We have weekly meetings that focus on three different areas: current market events, complex finance topics, and alumni speakers (this is my favorite part). We have also had industry professionals attend every club meeting and talk about career-based experiences; they also provide a unique market outlook. 
What motivates you to work hard?
What motivates me to work hard is the idea that the business industry is very competitive. I am competing against other well-educated business students at Pace and all the other business students around the country who are looking for similar jobs. You need to make the most out of your college experience to differentiate yourself from other business students. Lubin is such a great resource in this regard.
What does #LubinLife mean to you? 
#LubinLife is all about hands-on experiences. This is what made me choose Pace over other schools. Lubin prepares you for the real world with hands-on class and internship experiences. The school understands that getting experience in the business world before you graduate is just as essential as getting your academic degree.

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