"The NHL has had such a great influence on my life growing up as a hockey player, so to be able to combine my finance skills with my passion for hockey is a dream for me!"
– Mitchell Farrell, Class of 2017

Mitchell Farrell '17 from Trumbull, CT is a finance major with a minor in accounting on our Pleasantville campus. Mitchell is Student Government Association President, the former President of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity, a Pace Mart co-founder, a Board of Trustees student representative, a Peer Leader, and Setter Leadership and Service House alumnus. As if that's not enough to keep him busy, Mitchell is also an intern with the National Hockey League!

Tell us about your internships:
I started my internship at the National Hockey League (NHL) in their finance department in New York City this March. It's a year-long program, so I'll be there until next March! Previously, I interned at two private financial management firms in Connecticut; Banks Wealth Management and JSG Tax & Asset Management.

What have you been working on at your current internship? Has it sparked an interest in a career/area of study you hadn't already thought about?
I've only been there for a few months, so most of the focus has been on the end of year reporting (NHL's FY ends on June 30th) but I'll be moving on to bigger projects this summer which is something I'm looking forward to. It's really taught me that working at a place that you truly care to work is important to being happy with your career choices.   

Do you believe your internship experience has helped to prepare you for your future?  
All of my internships have taught me a lot about myself. I've worked in financial planning/services and I now work at a large billion-dollar corporation. The interviews, commuting to the city, balancing my schedule and time management have all prepared me for my future career. The actual work from all my internships has been very different, so it's really given me perspective to all sides of the field of finance.

Any advice for other Lubin students looking for internships?
Make sure to be active when applying to jobs. I put out over 50 resumes this spring and I only heard back from three employers; It's a small percentage so make sure to keep applying. Another great thing to do is meet with Career Services and go over important things like networking and interviewing so that when you take the next step, you're more confident in yourself. Lastly, be sure to be involved and network - who you know is definitely an important factor!

In a few sentences, describe the best thing about your internship:
The thing I love the most about where I work is that it's an organization that I really care about. The NHL has had such a great influence on my life growing up as a hockey player, so to be able to combine my finance skills to my passion for hockey is a dream for me! Working for an organization you care so much about really gets you excited for the work day.

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