"Be open-minded. Understand what skills you have and what jobs require those skills."
– Nurilya Sattybayeva, Class of 2019

Meet Nurilya Sattybayeva '19. Nurilya moved to NYC from Kazakhstan five years ago and is finishing her junior year as a Quantitative Business Analysis major, minoring in Finance. At Pace she was an involved student leader: was President of Women in Corporate America, a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a Peer Leader, a Resident Assistant, and a Student Assistant at the Lubin School of Business. She also participated in several competitions and is now a summer analyst at Société Générale.

As an international student, what made you decide to attend Pace University/Lubin School of Business?
There were two important factors for me when I was considering what college to attend. I chose Pace because I wanted to be in New York City so that I could take advantage of all of the conferences, networking opportunities and internships during the year. And I mean, it's NEW YORK so there is so much to do! Secondly, I chose Lubin School of Business because it offered me a great finance and analytics program with a real work experience.

You've been a very involved student during your time here at Pace, tell us about why you decided to be so active.
I am very curious and am passionate about being a well-rounded person, which is why I am partaking in so many opportunities outside of my field, as well. It has been very important for me because I know that through this involvement, I can grow as a student and a future professional. I learned how to be empathetic, persistent, strong team player and most importantly how to prioritize my time through all these activities. From these opportunities, I have also found mentors who continuously guide me in the right direction and who I can go to for advice.

You have some very impressive internships on your resume, which Lubin experiences do you believe helped you get the skills and confidence needed to ace those interviews?
During my sophomore year, I participated in a Wall Street Workshop with Susan Glendon which prepared us to work on Wall Street and provided us with networking opportunities. I also participated in two big competitions with PwC and Deloitte where I had to work on a team, with a limited amount of time to fulfill the work necessary for the given case. The skills that I have gained from these experiences, such as working under pressure, thinking critically and being a good team member, have helped me to ace my interviews.

What have you been working on at your internships?
Both at Douglas Elliman and Morgan Stanley, I have been doing a lot of analytical work, but also I was able to focus on building my network. Meeting so many successful people in my field made me realize how important it is to build relationships with everyone. This summer, I am going to be a summer financial analyst that requires a lot of analytical work, and the knowledge that I gained from my past finance classes will certainly be needed. So we will see how that goes!

Any advice for other Lubin students trying to figure out where their career path will take them?
I would say to be open minded. Many people don't exactly know what they want to do after college and that's totally fine. One thing you can do to help yourself decide what career path to take is to understand what skills you have and what jobs require those skills. Also, my mentor once told me to network not just with people in your field, but also from other backgrounds. Go out there and speak to people from other industries and expand your network!

We know you were selected among 209 students from 2000 applicants to participate in Goldman Sachs Women's Leadership Camp last year, please tell us a little bit more about that experience:
This leadership opportunity was one of the best experiences I have ever had! During this two-day program, I was able to meet incredible and intelligent women from across American colleges, as well as professionals across different divisions. They helped us to understand what part of finance we would most be interested in. We heard from the CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who gave us a lot of valuable advice that stuck with me to this day. We also had different workshops regarding professional development which helped a lot when I was interviewing for different internships, and probably one of the reasons why I landed a summer analyst program at Société Générale.

What has been your favorite memory or experience here at Pace/Lubin?
Last year, my team and I from Beta Alpha Psi participated in a Deloitte Competition where we had to implement a leadership program within our organization. We worked closely with high school students to help them prepare for college by teaching them skills that we felt we lacked when we were in high school – LinkedIn, Excel, Resume Building, etc. After several months of preparation and presenting, we won the regional competition in Pittsburgh and then received 2nd place in nationals in California. This experience definitely showed me what it's like to work on a team and how to be persistent and patient. I also had a lot of fun with my team members and got to know them on a more personal level.

Any advice for incoming freshmen?
As a Resident Assistant for freshmen, I always tell them - it's what you make out of college. You can be sitting in your room, going to classes and that's it. You decide for yourself whether this is the kind of experience you want in college. So it takes effort and even some courage to get out of your comfort zone and get involved during your freshman year. Personally, I think getting involved later in college is even harder, so my advice is to take all the possible opportunities presented to you from the first day, even if you think that they won't help you later in life. You never know who you can meet or where this opportunity will take you! I have learned that myself.

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