"Being a student athlete teaches skills like time management and communication which are transferrable into my professional life."
– Paige Predmore, Class of 2019

Meet Paige Predmore '20, a junior majoring in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications on our Pleasantville campus and the captain of Pace's Field Hockey Team, which made it to NCAA final four in 2018. Paige, who is from Harrisburg, PA, positioned the field hockey team as the 2018 NE10 Regular Season Champion, while keeping up with her studies and her marketing internship. We talked to her about how her sports leadership experience will aid her career in business.
Why did you choose Pace University?
I chose Pace because it was the inaugural year for the field hockey program. It also has a prestigious business school; I wanted to go into the business field. 
Tell us a little about field hockey at Pace. How do you see your involvement in sports impacting your future business career? 
I play field hockey here at Pace and it is in its fourth year as a program. I was part of the very first season where we initially had a losing record. My involvement with sports has helped form me into a well-rounded person and has taught me how to be a team player and leader. Being a student athlete teaches skills like time management and communication, which are transferrable into my professional life. 
Tell us about your internship experience and how it has prepared your for your future.
I was an Accounts intern for TMPG in Spring 2018. The role prepared me for my future because it was my first experience working at an advertising agency. I am currently a social media intern at RingBoost. I am under the marketing department of the company, but they are allowing me to participate in all aspects of the business and learn from a more holistic perspective. 
Any advice for other Lubin students?
Meet with your advisor. My advisor, Eileen Murphy is awesome! She has kept me on track to graduate and even helped me to work a minor into my schedule. Advisors are also able to help limit the potential stress that a student could experience. It's easy to start freaking out when other students around you are freaking out too, but your advisor will be able to ease anxieties about a lot of aspects of your life as a student.
What motivates you to work hard?
I am naturally a self-motivated person. I like success and I am not content with settling for average, in athletics or in academics. 
What does #LubinLife mean to you?
To me, #LubinLife is a community. The concept represents a network of faculty, staff, and alumni that are committed to helping each other grow academically and professionally. 

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