"Don’t be afraid to apply – and even if you don’t get the exact internship you wanted, keep working hard and apply each semester. Be persistent and don’t give up!"
– Robert Prindle, Class of 2016

Robert Prindle '16 is a senior on our NYC campus, and calls Staten Island NY home. Robert is graduating with a BBA in Marketing (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications). His internship experiences have really paid off...Robert was offered and accepted a full-time position at Viacom!
Tell us about your internships. 
I'm currently with NBCUniversal. I've had previous internships with Disney ABC Television Group, Viacom Media Networks, iHeartMedia and 5W Public Relations. I actually just accepted a full-time job offer with Viacom! I'll be with the MTV Advertising Sales Team and could not be more excited to start. Keeping in touch with my old contacts from my time there, really opened doors for me.
What did you work on during your internships? Did it spark an interest in a career/area of study you hadn't already thought about? Or has it confirmed that you are on the right path? 
As a Marketing major, I was only interested in positions that centered around that field. So, when I joined the NBC News Group Advertising Sales Team, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. However, the team there has completely opened my eyes to the world of media sales. It's crucial for the network to survive; it's fast-paced and very interactive with clients. To name a few things: I help create the presentation decks that Account Executives are pitching to the clients, I send out weekly status updates to different teams to help keep track of what advertising opportunities have been sold and I help make sure all of the sponsorships are airing when they are supposed to. This past semester has definitely sparked an interest that I wasn't even considering. That's what's great about interning, you see what does and doesn't interest you and may open your eyes to something you new.
Do you believe your internship experience helped to prepare you for your future? 
Absolutely - not only does it help build your resume, but it gives you the opportunity to figure out what you like and don't like – which can point you in the right direction of your future career. You can like studying Marketing and reading the latest news about it all you want, but if you don't actually enjoy doing it – then what's the point? 
Any advice for other Lubin students looking for internships?
I would tell other Lubin students to not be afraid to reach out to those that can help you. Career Services is a great asset that I don't think enough students take advantage of. Also, there's an endless amount of job postings online – so search through them and see what interests you. And most of all, it's never too early or late to gain some experience. Don't be afraid to apply – and even if you don't get the exact internship you wanted, keep working hard and apply each semester. Be persistent and don't give up!
Describe the best thing about your internship experience:
I think the most exciting thing is to see the sponsorships come to life. One week a client will reach out with an interest and the marketing team puts together a number of ideas for them to choose from. Once the sales team pitches it and it's sold, it's exciting to see the sponsorship make it to air or on a digital platform! In the modern day, multimedia is a huge part of our lives – and I feel really lucky to see it all happen from the inside.

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