Singapore and Malaysia

Graduate and Undergraduate Field Study in International Finance
FIN 360 and FIN 680V
January 2012

The International Finance Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia traveled with 24 students (13 undergraduate and 11 graduate students) from January 7 to January 17, 2011. Led by Dr. Michael Szenberg and Dr. Iuliana Ismailescu, the group visited Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The primary objective of this course was to introduce students to the economies of two Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore, with a focus on financial innovation and global integration of capital markets. The trip emphasized the lessons that developed economies could learn from the Singapore Model, and the differences between the Singaporean and Malaysian economic focus and development paths. Business visits included GlobeCast, Everett Charles Technologies, Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore, Lenovo, Royal Selangor, Cagamas Berhad, and Bursa Malaysia. The group also visited the U.S. Embassy of Singapore and participated in a panel discussion concerning the future outlook of South-East Asian financial markets while in Kuala Lumpur.

Two Lubin students were each awarded $1,500 Figueroa Family Scholarships, and seven Lubin students were each awarded $2,000 Celentano Scholarships for a total of $17,000 in funds awarded for this field study.

“The field study to Singapore and Malaysia was one of the most eye opening experiences in my life! I have never truly understood the potential and opportunities that existed in the emerging markets of South East Asia until seeing it with my own eyes.”

-Marvin Kwok, BBA/MBA '12

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
US Embassy, Singapore

“This trip and gave me exposure to a new environment with a unique mixture of old traditional culture and new technological innovations.”

-Maritza Ortiz, BBA '12
[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

“Being able to travel to Singapore and Malaysia and explore the way business is conducted in those two countries and to learn their cultures was one of best experiences I had at Pace University.”

-Bouchra Aanouz, BBA '12
[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Everett Charles Technologies, Singapore

“When I toured through the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, I witnessed the many heritages and cultures in the different parts of the cities. I learned that the reason why these two countries have such a rich culture is because they are both multi-ethnic cities with residents from all over Asia.”

-Hiren Prajapati, BBA '11

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Royal Selangor, Kuala Lumpur
[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Singapore Flyer

“The travel course to Singapore and Malaysia has enabled us students to experience a number of different cultures and business practices, while gaining hands on knowledge that is necessary in today's globally diverse world.”

-Funda Ay, BBA/MBA '11

“My trip to both Singapore and Malaysia has been a tremendous experience for me. Although very similar to the western way of life, I enjoyed and learned a great deal regarding the culture, cuisine and inhabitants of Singapore and I am very appreciative of it.”

-Niaz Osman, MS '12

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Kuala Ghanda Elephant Sanctuary, Malaysia

“I am truly grateful for this opportunity to widen my cultural awareness. I felt that this field study has made me a more global and culturally astute student and professional.”

-Irfan Bandoo, BBA/MBA '12

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]

“The business aspect was so helpful and interesting. I really enjoyed meeting all the executives and seeing the various work spaces.”

-Allison Eng, BBA '11

“I was blown away by Singapore and its great and interesting architecture. The tours and all presentations were very informative and a once in a lifetime experience.”

-Kitty Avellaneda, BBA '12

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Singapore and Malaysia]
Cagamas Berhad, Kuala Lumpur