Yes. You can choose your mode of participation on a week-by-week basis, enabling you to participate both in person and online. The program is offered in two online modes: the first enables you to participate live via an interactive web conferencing platform, and the second enables you to view an on demand video recording of any class session. There are 26 class sessions, each of about 3 hours in duration, and all students can view them online as their schedules permit and/or review any one session in several tranches.

There is no homework for each class per se, however, materials for each class are pre-distributed a few days in advance, and students historically have reviewed the materials before the class. Similarly, students historically have reviewed the materials after the class. In addition to the certification exam, there is a paper that will be required during Course Three, as well as one set of essays after the completion of Course One.

The certification exam can be taken either online or in person at Pace University.

Yes. Students located throughout the world have successfully completed the program. Online students are provided with full technology support.

Yes. You can enter the program late and catch up on a self-paced basis by viewing video recordings of the class sessions you missed and reading course materials that are accessible online. You can also complete the program on a self-paced basis, as the video recordings and course materials are all available on demand.

No. Students pay one course at a time, ten days before the start of each course. Please see the Tuition and Fees section for pricing and course dates.

No. All readings are posted online and are included in the tuition.

Yes. Pace can invoice your employer directly. If your employer works with a tuition assistance management company, Pace is also able to submit invoices and documentation directly to the company.

Yes. Students have successfully obtained private loans in the past. Please e-mail Brian Pew at ccrp@pace.edu for more information.

The program contains a module entitled "Managing Your Compliance Career" in which a Subject Matter Expert provides insights into career management. The CCRP Program professors are also always available as an additional resource.

Networking opportunities are available with fellow program participants, the program’s Subject Matter Experts, and CCRP alumni.

The AIBACP offers quarterly professional development events where participants can interact with other industry professionals.