Organization & Partners


The Executive Director ensures the strategic growth the Entrepreneurship Lab. The Executive Director is responsible for the initiation of eLab events, hiring of personnel, networking with other schools and organizations, and oversight of the resources and personnel of the eLab.
The Associate Director is responsible for the day to day activities of the eLab. The Associate Director is responsible for organizing eLab events, maintaining oversight of staff, and promoting the eLab to outside schools and organizations.


Staff Roles

The eLab employs students currently completing their undergraduate and post-graduation education to serve staff roles for the eLab. Staff roles range from graduate assistants who develop and execute marketing strategies to specialists in photography, video production, and website design using highly sophisticated technology equipment. Other roles are responsible for grant research and writing, event management, social media marketing, website content creation, and email campaigns. Staff also provides professional guidance to student associates, and assists in eLab events and activities.
The eLab also hosts grant fellows such as Dezer Grant Fellowship and Blackstone Grant Fellowship. Fellows are Pace students who provide technical and research expertise to partner companies.


Degree Programs

The eLab promotes and offers various undergraduate and graduate degree programs concentrating on entrepreneurship. The following programs are currently available:


Student Associates

Students from Pace’s six schools and colleges interested in entrepreneurship are invited to register as Student Associates on the eLab website. During the online registration process, students are asked to identify their professional interests, expectations with the eLab, and the kind of work they will be pursuing. Subsequently, students meet with eLab directors to gain a better understanding of what the eLab has to offer, and are given a tour of the facility. Additionally, the meeting provides directors with a better understanding of the student’s needs.
Student Associates are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial mindset by collaborating with colleagues, pitching entrepreneurial ideas, creating business plans, and possibly launching a startup. Students are offered mentorship on their work, and have access to state of the art equipment necessary to bring their ideas to life. Lastly, Student Associates are exposed to events and activities presented by the eLab that further develop their entrepreneurship abilities.
Currently, there are 169 students registered as Student Associates with the eLab. 35 from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, 103 from the Lubin School of Business, 29 from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, and 2 from the School of Education.. Additionally, there are 133 former Student Associates.


Student Businesses

Students utilize the resources offered by the eLab to create and build their own startups. Students use the available space to collaborate, and utilize the technological resources allowing them to build and develop their ideas. Additionally, the events and competitions offered by the eLab allow student businesses to test their ideas.  Student businesses have ranged from serving financial institutions with sophisticated analytical software to game development studios. For a list of our students businesses, please click here.


Faculty Fellows

Designated professors from Pace University’s various schools such as the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, and the Lubin School of Business are available to mentor students on their business ideas and startups.


Alumni Mentors

Pace Alumni hailing from various disciplines and professions are available to mentor students on their business ideas and startups. Alumni also contribute as speakers, panelists and audience members for eLab events. Additionally, Pace alumni are critical for helping students network with other professionals.


Special Guests

The eLab has had the privilege of hosting top entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and other distinguished people as Special Guests. These guests have contributed in a variety of ways as keynote speakers, conference panelists, judges and workshop facilitators. Sam Hamadeh (CEO and Founder of Privco, and co-founder of was one such speaker who presented many aspects involved in starting a business to students. The eLab administration actively pursues eminent personalities seeking engagement with the University.


Scholarships, Sponsorships & Grants

The eLab partners with many organizations offering scholarships, sponsorships, and grants to students and startups at Pace University. Funds from these organizations allow students to develop ideas and continue developing new businesses.  Other programs reward students with exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership qualities.
Our flagship programs include the Ted and Pat Levine Proof of Concept Entrepreneurship Initiative which provides competitive cash awards to Pace students and recent alumni interested in performing proof of concept work. Also, the Michael Dezer Grant provides grants to students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship.  Additionally, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation leads a series of seven-week Entrepreneurship Boot Camps at the eLab that offer focused training for veterans in the Tri-State Area.


International Connections

The eLab collaborates with international organizations and programs. For example, in 2016, the eLab hosted a visit from the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program which promoted entrepreneurship for women across the globe.  The eLab also offers Entrepreneurship courses to international universities such as Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain and European Business School, France.


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