Finance and Economics Department Facilities

Global Portfolio Analysis Center
The G-PACT Room (also known as the Trading Room) contains 30 PCs equipped with StockVal and other analytical software, as well as a Trans-Lux 64 character LED Jet and a 12 lines x 32 Character Datawall for up-to-date Stock and News Information.

Resources of the G-PACT room include:

  • Hands-on trading environment
  • Simulated market trading tools
  • The Moneyline Real Time Trading System
  • The StockVal Analytic Trading System
  • Wharton Research Data Services
  • Compustat and Crisp Databases
  • Telerate Ticker
  • Electronic news boards

Student Managed Investment Portfolio
This course entails the management of a portfolio worth about $3000,000 sponsored by the University. Students research individual companies and recommend purchases and sales. The class then votes to approve or reject the recommendation.