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Lynn Kahle

Visiting Scholar
Professor and Sports Marketing Program Director

Lubin School of Business


  • @ New York City
    One Pace Plaza w491
  • @ Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center 112


PhD, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Postdoc, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Social Science

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Dr. Lynn Kahle is excited to join the Department of Marketing at Pace University as Sports Marketing Program Director, Visiting Scholar, and Professor. He teaches various classes in sports marketing. He comes from the University of Oregon, where he was Founding Director of the James Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. For advancing this new direction, Lynn received the Stotlar Award for lifetime contributions to education in sports business from the Sport Marketing Association. He also received the Distinguished Career Contributions to the Scientific Understanding of Sports Business from American Marketing Association Sports SIG.

Kahle's research explores the importance of values, attitudes, and lifestyles among fans and consumers. Marketing communications, sustainability, religion, and cross-cultural issues are among the topics his research has addressed. In October 2018, he presented papers at the Association for Consumer Research and at the Sport Marketing Association.

He has served as President of the Society for Consumer Psychology, as Chair of the Sports and Special Events Special Interest Group in the American Marketing Association, and as a member of the American Psychological Association Council Representatives. He was previously Editor of Sport Marketing Quarterly. He has been an ad hoc reviewer for more than 25 publications. On his volunteer work, he has advocated for human rights.

Selected Contributions & Publications

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