Dissertation Seminars

Dissertation Seminars

[doctorate in business]
Dissertation Seminar Descriptions
Demonstrating Research Capability 

Doctoral candidates complete four dissertation seminars. These seminars develop your skill in designing, conducting, and evaluating business research. Candidates usually complete these four seminars under the guidance of their dissertation supervisor in the fourth and fifth years of the program.

Dissertation Seminar 1 (DPS 890)

A student selects a dissertation topic and explores related prior research and current practice. The student prepares a brief essay (approximately 5,000 words plus exhibits and annotated bibliography) that defines the topic, scope and purpose of the research, establishes its significance, describes some of the relevant variables and expected relationships among them, and demonstrates feasibility of empirical analysis. The student consults with the director of the doctoral program to identify several qualified faculty experts and discusses the essay with them to receive critical appraisal and advice for further development. Through iterations of essay revision and faculty discussion, the student and faculty experts attempt to converge on a topic that will be developed into a formal proposal.

Dissertation Seminar 2 (DPS 891)

A student develops a formal dissertation proposal that includes a draft of all parts of the dissertation (usually its first three chapters) that can precede data collection. This proposal includes content from the topic essay and a complete development and substantiation of the research questions or hypotheses based on prior research. It also includes the explanation and justification of the methodology for answering the research questions or corroborating the hypotheses and a bibliography of all research cited. Simultaneously, the student consults with the director of the doctoral program to identify an appropriate dissertation supervisor and committee. After a committee is appointed and reviews the proposal, a formal dissertation proposal approval meeting is scheduled for the committee and the student.

Dissertation Seminar 3 (DPS 892)

After a dissertation committee approves a proposal, the student collects and analyzes data by executing the research methodology prescribed in the dissertation proposal. The student prepares additional dissertation chapters to describe the data collection and analysis and to explain how the data answers to the research questions or corroborates the research hypotheses.

Dissertation Seminar 4 (DPS 893)

The student completes the dissertation by formulating and substantiating the conclusions derived from data analysis and determines the implications of the results for future research, education, and practice. In addition, the student prepares and revises the entire dissertation manuscript. When the dissertation supervisor is satisfied with the manuscript, a meeting of the committee and the student is scheduled. During this meeting, a student defends the dissertation research to the satisfaction of the committee and the committee accepts, requires revision, or rejects the dissertation and assigns a grade to it.

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