Finance Concentration

Finance Concentration

[doctorate in business]
Finance Concentration Courses
Inculcating Financial Comprehension 

Doctoral candidates who concentrate in finance complete the two doctoral concentration seminars in finance and three advanced electives in finance.

Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Corporate Finance
(FIN 821)

Explores a wide range of topics in theoretical and empirical corporate finance, like agency problems, capital structure and dividend policy, security design, optimal financial contracting, firm valuation, corporate governance, and risk management. Analyzes how corporate financial decision-making is affected by agency conflicts, information asymmetry, and incomplete contracting. Examines influential papers and current research. Enables students to develop new research ideas in the area. Provides partial preparation for doctoral comprehensive examination in finance.

Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Capital Markets
(FIN 822)

Develops a comprehensive and sophisticated perspective of capital markets. Critically reviews the conceptual foundation and theoretical development of capital markets. Explores the major contemporary debates and problems of capital markets. Evaluates the research methodologies and findings that support various theories and viewpoints of capital markets. Identifies topics that require future research in capital markets. Provides partial preparation for doctoral comprehensive examination in finance.

Finance Electives

In addition to the doctoral concentration seminar in finance, each candidate concentrating in finance completes three advanced graduate courses, selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. Most doctoral candidates select three of the courses in the following list because they emphasize theoretical structures and issues.

  • Applied Analytical Methods in Finance (FIN 650)
  • Portfolio Analysis and Management (FIN 653)
  • Corporate Financial Risk Management (FIN 661)
  • Strategies in Investments, Options, and Futures (FIN 672)
  • Valuation of the Firm (FIN 667)

Other Possible Finance Electives

  • Securities Regulation and its Evolution in a Global Financial Market (FIN 631)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 634)
  • Money and Capital Markets (FIN 644)
  • Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements (ACC 645)
  • Corporate Budgeting and Strategic Planning (FIN 646)
  • Advanced Topics in Financial Management (FIN 647)
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring (FIN 648)
  • International Corporate Finance (FIN 649)
  • International Banking and Financial Markets (FIN 651)
  • Investment Analysis (FIN 652)
  • Management of Financial Institutions (FIN 660)
  • Personal Financial Management (FIN 674)
  • Seminar in Finance (FIN 677)
  • Contemporary Topics in Finance and Economics (FIN 680)
  • Financial Analysis and Policy (FIN 689)
  • Strategies on Venture Capital (FIN 675)

Comprehensive Curriculum