Foundation Seminars

Foundation Seminars

[doctorate in business]
Foundation Seminar Descriptions
Enhancing Theoretical Perspectives 

Doctoral candidates complete four foundation seminars. These seminars cultivate your breadth of business knowledge, understanding of the theory development, and comprehension of current conceptual issues in business and management.

Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Management
(DPS 805)

Examines the principal theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches researchers use to analyze the field of management. Explores the process of creating knowledge about management through an empirical research process. Traces the historical development of management theory and examines selected streams of management research to identify and analyze their contemporary issues and future research needs. Develops ability to critically evaluate published research in management.

Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Finance and Economics
(DPS 820)

Develops a comprehensive understanding of selected topics in the foundations of finance and economics. Emphasizes current issues like international trade, monetary economics, market microstructure, corporate finance, and investment management. Examines theoretical and practical problems of creating knowledge in finance and economics through analysis of academic and practitioner articles and books. Develops ability to create viable research hypotheses and proposals in finance and economics.

Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Cross Cultural Management
(DPS 830)

Examines theoretical and empirical research in the areas of international and change management. Explores the theoretical and practical problems of managing organizations and people across multiple cultures. Equips participants with tested theories of international and change management research. Enables students to create research questions and initiate research agendas which will allow them to prepare a paper for conference submission.

Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Marketing
(DPS 840)

Examines the contemporary issues in the field of marketing from historic, academic, and professional perspectives. Develops ability to critically evaluate published research in marketing from these perspectives. Explores leading research streams in marketing and demonstrates how research on contemporary issues contributes to the theory of marketing.

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