Management Concentration

Management Concentration

[doctorate in business]
Management Concentration Courses
Inculcating Management Comprehension 

Doctoral candidates who concentrate in management complete the two doctoral concentration seminars in management and three advanced electives in management.

Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Organization Behavior
(MGT 835)

Develops a rigorous foundation in the major theoretical and empirical contributions and methodological approaches in organization behavior. Explores topics like personality, motivation, emotion, decision- making, trust, justice, ethics, leadership, and teams. Evaluates methodological approaches and analytical techniques commonly used in organization behavior. Emphasizes critical evaluation and creative extension published research in organization behavior. Provides partial preparation for doctoral comprehensive examination in management.

Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Strategic Management
(MGT 836)

Examines classic and current research literature in scholarly journals that defines the area of strategic management. Develops skill in conceptualizing and analyzing managerial problems in strategic management. Encourages the integration and synthesis of the strategic management literature into a coherent theory that can be applied to practice. Requires substantial development of a research paper that may serve as the embryo for a publishable paper or dissertation. Provides partial preparation for doctoral comprehensive examination in management.

Management Electives

In addition to the doctoral concentration seminar in management, each candidate concentrating in management completes three advanced graduate courses, selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. Most doctoral candidates select three of the courses in the following list because they emphasize theoretical structures and issues.

  • Competitive Business Strategy (MGT 637)
  • Corporate Diversification Strategy (MGT 638)
  • Government Institutions and Business Strategy (MGT 646)
  • Compensation and Assessment (MGT 684)
  • Recruiting and Staffing (MGT 685)
  • Strategic Human Resources Management (MGT 643)
  • International Human Resources Management (INB 673)
  • Organization Theory (MGT 627)

Other Possible Electives Courses Available

  • Small Business Management (MGT 635)
  • Business Plan Development (MGT 678)
  • Seminar in Strategic Management Issues (MGT 630)
  • Negotiations and Bargaining (MGT 650)
  • Organization Communication (MGT 686)
  • Organization Development (MGT 689)
  • Advanced Topics in Organizational Behavior (MGT 687)
  • Research Methods in Management (MGT 682)
  • Training and Development (MGT 683)
  • Global Business Strategy and Operations (INB 666)

Comprehensive Curriculum