Success Stories

Success Stories

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Students and graduates of the doctoral program have volumes of success stories about their achievements and accomplishments.

Exceptional Student Experience

A synergy of diverse backgrounds, new ideas, and professional curiosity creates a rich learning environment in which students participate in conversations about business that are both intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding. Their common denominator is that they are all accomplished professionals in a wide array of remarkable careers, experiences, and insights.

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Professional Careers of Graduates

Some graduates of the doctoral program achieve distinction as senior line or staff executives by continuing to advance in their current careers. Some embark on new careers as consultants, leveraging the combination of the expertise acquired in the doctoral program and experience and contacts developed from previous managerial roles.

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Academic Careers of Graduates

Other graduates successfully transition to academic careers as faculty members of business schools throughout the country.

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Graduate and Student Publications

Graduates and students of the program conduct research for publishing tutorials, dissertations, journal articles.

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