Graduate Assistantship Program

The Graduate Assistantship Program of the Lubin School of Business offers highly qualified and talented full-time students the opportunity to work with faculty and administrators and to participate in a high value "hands on" educational experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate Research and Administrative Assistantships

I. How do I secure an assistantship?
The steps of the process are:

  1. Complete a Graduate Assistant application (this is part of your application for admission, or you can print another).
  2. Submit it with a current resume to
    • Your acceptance to Pace University, your GMAT score or GMAT waiver and other admissions criteria will be verified.
    • You will receive e-mail notification of your eligibility for an assistantship.
  3. We will circulate your application and resume to professors and administrators interested in working with you for review.
  4. If a professor/administrator finds you to be a suitable match, he or she will contact you to arrange an interview.
  5. After an interview occurs, the professor/administrator will inform the Graduate Academic Advisement office of his or her choice and we will notify you.
  6. The Graduate Academic Advisement office will send you a contract.
  7. If you fail to register for less than the number of credits on your contract, financial aid will prorate your contract, meaning you will only be paid for the number of credits for which you have registered.
  8. Credits cannot be applied to the following semester. Credits are only valid for the semester of the contract.

II. What happens if I am not a Lubin Student?
Non-Lubin students are not eligible to participate in the Lubin School Graduate Assistant Program.

III. How long can I keep my contract?
Contracts are for one semester. To be eligible for another semester, please reapply by sending your resume and UID to You must maintain a CGPA of 3.5 and be registered for at least 9 credits to qualify.

Please note: Your contract may be terminated at any time if your work is unsatisfactory.

If you and the professor/administrator cannot work together, we will do our best to find another professor with whom you can work, however; we cannot guarantee another assignment or a suitable match.

IV. How much will I be paid?
For the fall or spring semesters:

10 hours of work per week for 15 weeks - $2,250 per semester and 3 credits tuition per semester

V. Can I work for the summer semesters?
Graduate assistantships are not offered for the summer semesters.

VI. When will a professor see my application?
For the fall semester, applications will be circulated in August. For the spring semester, applications will be circulated in January.

VII. What if I worked for a professor but never got paid?
Contact us at and CC

Maintain open communication between you and your professor/administrator.

Do not assume your professor/administrator knows your schedule for the next semester.

If you are going overseas or away for the various semester breaks and will not be back in time for the beginning of the semester, please notify your professor/administrator.