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[Bhavna Mansinghka]

Bhavna Mansinghka

Class of 2021

Solutions Engineer, NetApp

A go-getter is someone who is active in developing their career, but who also makes time for friends, fun, exploring, and getting out of their comfort zone. Bhavna is a go-getter. This international student from Mumbai, India, came to the Lubin School of Business equipped with a passion for numbers, a hunger for networking, a merit scholarship, and an open mind.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?
Pace University offers a wide range of opportunities and resources. Along with the diversity of the student body, being in New York City and studying near Wall Street gives you access to a lot of opportunities and networking events. The Lubin School of Business has a lot to offer to international students like me. The MS in Marketing Analytics program offered precisely what I wanted to study and the perfect combination of all the modules that I needed. The program checked every box for me in terms of professors, post-graduation opportunities, career services, and networking events.

What types of opportunities and resources have you taken advantage of as a graduate student at Lubin?
Early on, I was honored to be a recipient of the Graduate International Merit Scholarship. Additionally, I had received a Graduate Assistantship with Professor Samir El-Gazzar, helping him with his research for publication. I also worked as a Student Assistant in the International Admissions office. I was also awarded the Janetschek Professional Growth Fund, which I used towards attaining a professional certification in data science. Apart from these opportunities, Lubin enabled me to work with like-minded people on exciting projects, including being part of leadership teams in graduate student clubs. I have also been able to network with alumni and attend professional growth workshops.

Tell us a bit about your internship experience. How will you apply what you learned to the rest of your career?
I started interning with NetApp as a Solutions Engineer in May 2020 and have been working with them ever since. I found this experience extremely rewarding and I learned a lot about analytics in the storage industry. I am glad to have built some tremendous long-term connections at NetApp. This experience has helped me professionally as well as personally. I've loved numbers since my youth, so collecting data and working on research projects with my supervisors turned out to be an enriching experience for me. My role at NetApp lets me utilize and enhance my skills in a collaborative environment, where I can learn from some of the best minds in the industry.

In addition to being very involved outside of the classroom, you've managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA every semester. What motivates you to work hard?
I have a genuine interest in the subjects that I have studied. The drive to be better and excel at what I like plays a vital role in keeping me motivated. Additionally, the way that my courses' modules and assessments were designed felt like a perfect way to progressively enhance my knowledge in specific areas. More importantly, I believe that in the long-term, discipline triumphs motivation; a systematic work ethic allowed me to always finish my studies before deadlines, which created time for other activities at Lubin.

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students looking to make the most out of their experiences?
Academically, make detailed plans well ahead of time so that you can balance the focus on readings and assignments along with other activities of interest. This approach will give you a realistic idea about how much you can take on and allow you to maximize your learning. Being well informed about course content will better equip you to take advantage of Lubin's many professional development opportunities, including internships. Build your network organically: ask for help and guidance when in need, and be gracious to others when you are in a position to help. A strong work ethic and a sound support system are the foundation for a promising career.

What does #LubinLife mean to you?
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and for me, #LubinLife is about excellence and capitalizing on opportunities. #LubinLife kept me motivated and involved, even during the pandemic, and helped me meet some great minds/people. #LubinLife is also about broadening your horizons by being part of diverse groups and projects.


[Darshan Vithlani]

Darshan Vithlani

Class of 2021

Digital Marketing Analyst, Justin Alexander

Why did you choose Lubin for your MS in Marketing Analytics?

Diversity, exposure to real-world projects, experience-based learning, and access to a pool of resources. These are only a few of the reasons I chose Lubin for my master's degree. Rankings from US News and QS Top universities further supported my decision. At Pace, international students are treated with respect and have access to opportunities, which was very important to me. Additionally, Pace's campus in New York City was the cherry on top. Lubin has notably reaped the benefits of its location, as this is reflected in the quality of the networking events and the career fairs taking place on campus and virtually.

What was your favorite Lubin experience?

Well, the whole master's program was a splendid experience; however, my favorite Lubin experience was working as a Graduate Research Assistant with Professor Larry Chiagouris. It was my first professional experience working in the U.S. and it was life changing. I had the chance to work on market research for corporate clients and to contribute to publishing research reports and whitepapers. It was all possible because of the database access offered by the Pace Library. The library also helped me gain access to articles and books that were not in their catalog. The support I received from faculty and staff was also commendable.

What is your main takeaway from our MS program?

My MS in Marketing Analytics program contained a balanced composition of theory and practice. All of the professors start out by teaching from a conceptual foundation and slowly take things to an advanced level. I think this is hard to find at other schools. We learned how to use all the tools marketing analysts need in their profession. We had access to non-technical programs and learned programming languages such as R, and operating statistical tools such as IBM SPSS, and data visualization tools such as Tableau.

How has what you learned in the MS program influenced your career?

The real-world course projects made a difference on my resume. Many recruiters reached out because they saw these projects; I landed three summer internship offers. I interned with WalletGyde, based out of Denver, CO, during Summer 2020. I also interned at Justin Alexander in Springfield, NJ, in Spring 2021, where I am now working full time as a Digital Marketing Analyst. All the skills I needed for this job I acquired while earning my MS in Marketing Analytics at Lubin.

How do you define #LubinLife?

#LubinLife is a journey that transforms your personal and professional life. You will be exposed to talented minds and have the opportunity to make life-long connections. #LubinLife is not just about academics and networking; it is also about extra-curricular activities, student clubs, social events, case study competitions, and so on. Lubin is not just an experience; it is a way of life.


[Saul Pacheco Vidal]

Saul Pacheco Vidal

Class of 2020

Market Analyst - Marketing Intelligence, Camposol Fresh USA, Inc.

Why did you choose Lubin for your masters in science?

I was looking for a master's program in New York City that would allow me to learn about marketing as well as teach me the analytical skills to work with data and make relevant decisions. Lubin's Master of Science in Marketing Analytics combines marketing classes with analytical courses that teach different software such as R, SPSS, and Tableau. I quickly realized that this program was the perfect choice for me. Presently, four months after graduation and six months after the COVID-19 pandemic started, I am happy to say that I am working full-time as a Market Analyst.

What was your favorite Lubin experience?

I had many rewarding experiences at Lubin, but the most exciting one was participating in the Group M Competition in April 2019. I got to apply my analytical skills to real data to create a profitable integrated marketing communications strategy. It was challenging and stressful at times, but it allowed me to prove my abilities as a market researcher. I would recommend this experience to anyone at Lubin who wants to take one step ahead in their career.

What is your main takeaway from our MS program?

My main takeaway is that you need to always look at the big picture. As Dr. Vishal Lala would say in his Market Research and Predictive Analytics courses, you need to be ready to clearly understand the data and the whole situation before jumping to any conclusion. You will continuously need to update your point of view because this world is continually changing, but once you master how to look at an issue, you will be ready to resolve any problem that you encounter.

How has what you learned in the MS program influenced your career?

Throughout my time at Pace, I was able to have two digital marketing internships in which I was able to apply my digital marketing skills (Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, and Email Marketing). I am currently working as a Market Analyst at Camposol, where I can use the analytical skills learned through my analytical courses for Price Forecasting and data modeling. I am happy to see how the knowledge I learned during my time at Pace has allowed me to move forward.

How do you define #LubinLife?

When I think of #LubinLife, I think of perseverance, hard work, networking, and extra-curricular involvement. I advise you always to be immersed in the different activities that the Lubin School of Business offers, such as the Analytical Bootcamps, Networking events, Competitions, and more. Be ready to create your own path for success.


[Minh Bui]

Minh Bui

Class of 2017

Manager, Data Engineer, Initiative

Why did you choose Lubin for your MS degree?

Lubin has one of the best internship programs in NYC, which is probably the main reason why I chose Pace for my master's degree. Lubin has the networks, the personnel, and the environment to support my academic and professional pursuits! Moreover, when I was searching for potential master's programs, Lubin stood out as the school with a very detailed and comprehensive analytics curriculum, which is something I really cared about.

What was your favorite Lubin experience?

Definitely the data science competition, coordinated by Professor Ipshita Ray and Mindshare, GroupM. It was a fun experience trying to crunch the numbers, build the predictive models, and create presentable decks in only two weeks. I learned so much from the competition and would definitely recommend all Analytics nerds to join!

What is your main takeaway from our MS program?

It is a challenging program, covering all facets of the marketing and analytics worlds. The courses allow you to know more about statistics, and programming, as well as how to use those technical skills in the marketing world.

How has what you learned in the MS program influenced your career?

I learned all of my technical skills (programming, statistics, and research) from this program, so that is definitely the biggest influence the program has on my career. Other than that, students and professors in the program taught me to be proactive and always seize every opportunity!

How do you define #LubinLife?

Work hard, be proactive, and learn from your peers!


[Siddharth Prashant]

Siddharth Prashant

Class of 2016

Senior Manager - Strategy & Marketing Intelligence, Publicis Worldwide

Why did you choose Lubin for your masters in science?

Lubin has an eclectic mix of management programs - from marketing and customer analytics, to finance and investments. That showed diversity in academia and the student body. Its strategic location in New York City made it all the easier for me, considering the global organizations in the city. After having completed an MBA in Boston, I wanted to enroll in a program that had a mix of marketing principles but was more focused on leveraging data to make business decisions. The MS in Marketing Analytics program did all of that and more.

What was your favorite Lubin experience?

There were many but if I had to mention one, it would have to be the Publicis Case Competition, organized by Dr. Ipshita Ray of the marketing department. It was challenging and stressful at the same time, but it landed me a full-time job!

What is your main takeaway from our MS program?

It's truly a global program that will equip you with the fundamentals needed to succeed in the corporate world.

How has what you learned in the MS program influenced your career?

Having participated in school activities and leading a marketing club, it has helped me to be proactive about connecting and learning from peers and industry experts. Staying closely associated with the professional community is extremely important in New York City as there are always opportunities to learn and grow.

How do you define #LubinLife? Hustle, but make it your own!


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