#LubinLife Success Stories

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[Jonathan Mathai '25]

Jonathan Mathai '25
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Executive Board, Finance, F14 Entertainment

"We had to follow COVID-19 protocols, so even meeting with one another was a difficult thing to do. But we still had our determination, and we were able to connect with many incoming first-year students from different majors. I think that as I get to collaborate with others and work as hard as I can, I will be unstoppable."

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[Aissatou Gningue]

Aissatou Gningue '23
BBA in Public Accounting / BA in Political Science (double major)
Minor in Pre-Law

Coveted Fellowship, United Nations (UN)

"The Millennium Fellowship provides student leaders with an opportunity to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Students from all over the world develop projects with the goal of positively impacting their communities."

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[Daniela Hernandez]

Daniela Hernandez '23
BBA in Finance—Arts and Entertainment Management / Marketing (double major)
Research Manager, Pace Connect

"As a research manager, i have strengthened a lot of skills for my resume. I have been able to gain real life experience that i will further carry into my future career, such as learning how to efficiently complete phone calls with clients and employers."

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[Nusrat Ara Begum]

Nusrat Ara Begum '23
BBA in Business Management / Pre-Nursing (double major)
President, Cosmetology Club

"It is great being a business student who is simultaneously completing the pre-nursing track because I am able to make a lot of connections with what I am learning in business-related classes and apply them to what I am learning in healthcare-related classes and vice versa"

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[Hannah Wyllie '22]

Hannah Wyllie '22
BBA in Business Analytics
Minor in Statistics

Chief Operating Officer, Pace Perk Café

"This experience has helped me advance my career exponentially. I now have evidence of all the skills I have developed at Pace and something tangible that I can show to future employers during interviews."

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[Steven Montesantos]

Steven Montesantos '19, '22
MBA in Marketing Management
Student Veterans of America (SVA) Leadership Institute member
Internship at ViacomCBS

"If it weren't for Career Services, this opportunity would have never presented itself. Not only did Career Services help me put together a flawless resume, but they also prepared me for interviews and future career success."

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[Anabelle Capois Espinal]

Anabelle Capois Espinal '22
MBA in Strategy and International Business
Internship at Pfizer

"Coming into an 80,000-employee global company as an intern, you'd think you may feel invisible, but that has been far from the truth."

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[Erica Jurus]

Erica Jurus '22
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management
Internship at Boston Logan International Airport

"There is so much to do in the city, and so much to learn from it, it feels like a waste not taking advantage of the opportunity to work hard and learn as much as I can."

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[Ritvi Shah]

Ritvi Shah '22
BBA in Global Marketing Management / Finance (double major)
Internship at Modern Luxury

"Using what we learned in Professor Nankin's managerial marketing class, my teammates and I analyzed the documents and created a presentation within 24 hours. The rush I felt from working late into the night and waking up early to present the case to the judges in the morning was unlike any other experience I've had as a student."

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[Gabriela Morris]

Gabriela Morris '22
dual MBA in Talent Management / General Business
Aspiring E.D.I.A. Leader

"As someone who is dedicated to making the arts and entertainment industry a safer place, I not only work to constantly challenge implicit bias, but I hold companies and leaders to a higher standard. (...) Through my classes at Pace, I realize just how passionate I am about creating this change and dismantling harmful and exclusive systems to build new policies and procedures that reflect the world we live in."

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[Aida Kolar]

Aida Kolar '22
BBA in Public Accounting / MS in Taxation
Internship at PwC

"The Lubin School of Business was one of the only schools that provided a unique combined degree program in accounting. Its student success stories really sealed the decision for me. I knew from the get-go that getting a master's was something that I wanted to do, and Lubin's program allowed me to do just that."

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[Joanne Mantzouridou Onasi]

Joanne Mantzouridou Onasi '22
MS in Strategic Management
founder, DGRwear

"I was fascinated by the complexity of businesses and the importance of sustainable practices at an early age. Inspired by my love for fashion, I started a company called DGRwear in 2017 with my sister. We are now using the company's social media platforms to educate more and more people on sustainable fashion."

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[Bryan Comandini]

Bryan Comandini '22
BBA in Public Accounting / MS in Financial Management
Coast Guard Achievement Medal recipient
Real estate agent

"The advice I would give is simple: ask as many questions as possible to advisors at the school. In my experience, if they don't have the answers, they will work hard to find them for you."

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[Olivia Shabo]

Olivia Shabo '22
BBA in Business Analytics
founder, "Wellness and Wardrobe"

"To me, #LubinLife means taking advantage of any opportunity that comes your way and surrounding yourself with people who are driven and hardworking, and who will support you throughout your journey. #LubinLife has taught me so much about myself and my potential as a student and an employee."

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[Chukwuma Ezuma]

Chukwuma Ezuma '22
MBA in Public Accounting
member of the Graduate Finance Club

"Little did I know that this single decision would help me exponentially when going on interviews."

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[Lucais Marks]

Lucais Marks '22
MS in Social Media and Mobile Marketing
Marketing Specialist and Client Success Director, Bridg-it LLC

"The next step is becoming more educated, achieving my goals, and becoming a better person than I was yesterday. While I haven’t been with Lubin long, the culture here has given me the mindset to want more and to keep moving forward."

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[Bhavna Mansinghka]

Bhavna Mansinghka '21
MS in Marketing Analytics
Internship at NetApp

"I have a genuine interest in the subjects that I have studied. The drive to be better and excel at what I like plays a vital role in keeping me motivated. Additionally, the way that my courses' modules and assessments were designed felt like a perfect way to progressively enhance my knowledge in specific areas."

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[Matthew Martinez]

Matthew Martinez '21
BBA in Finance with a minor in Mathematics
Internship at Harley Capital LLC

"I highly recommend attending the Job and Internship Fair because that is where I got my internship. Be sure to research the companies that you are most interested in before attending th job fair so that when you engage with the representatives, they can see that you have a high level of interest in their companies.."

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[Ayush Bharat Dhanuka]

Ayush Bharat Dhanuka '21
MS in Financial Risk Management
Analyst, Brookfield Properties
Global Association of Risk Professionals scholarship recipient

"My graduate assistantship with Professor Picheng Lee was by far one of my most enriching experiences at Lubin. Working directly with a professor and contributing to research helped me develop essential skills for the corporate world."

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[Darshan Vithlani]

Darshan Vithlani '21
MBA in Marketing Analytics
Past Internship: WalletGyde
Current Position: Digital Marketing Analyst, Justin Alexander

"The real-world course projects made a difference on my resume. Many recruiters reached out because they saw these projects; I landed three summer internship offers."

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[Victoria Figlia]

Victoria Figlia '21
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Minor in Digital Marketing
Brand Marketing Team Member

"I look forward to hopefully returning to some normalcy on campus before I graduate, but either way it's a learning experience. We, collectively as a student body, will adapt and come out better for it. I am most looking forward to our Brand Marketing Team competition in April, though. It will be great to see two semesters of hard work finally come together to be presented."

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[Kyle Igarta]

Kyle Igarta '21
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management / Business Analytics (double major)
Internships at Broadway Music and American Express

"The fact that I have the opportunity to learn and grow in two different industries under the same roof will be extremely beneficial to me in my future endeavors and will allow me to see things from various viewpoints!"

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[Nina Conticello]

Nina Conticello '21
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Minor in Professional Selling and Sales Management
Internships at ViacomCBS

"What I have learned in the past six months ranges from the basics of email etiquette all the way to booking ad space for both presidential candidates (Donald Trump and Joe Biden). I had my internship, where I currently help out on deals throughout ViacomCBS and all of its subsidiaries, extended into the Fall. It is very exciting!"

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[John-Carlo Batista]

John-Carlo Batista '21
BBA in Finance
Internship at Morgan Stanley

"Working at Pace Mart taught me how to lead, how to manage a small business, and how to work with others. Pace Mart is a great start for anyone who wants to get work experience and learn how to develop leadership skills."

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[Deniz Ilgaz Sen]

Deniz Ilgaz Sen '21
BBA in Management—Arts and Entertainment Management
Minor in Psychology
Semester abroad in Florence, Italy

"You will make so many unforgettable memories, meet amazing people from all over the world, travel to other countries, and expose yourself to new cultures and languages."

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[Joey Wong]

Joey Wong '21
BBA in Finance
Minor in Economics
President, Pace Investment Club

"I am motivated by the city: New York City is inspirational because the people here are some of the hardest workers I have ever met. I am motivated by my peers: We are tirelessly working and staying competitive, but we want each other to succeed as well."

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[Jillian Lewandoski]

Jillian Lewandoski '21
BBA in Marketing - Sports Marketing
Minor in Arts and Entertainment Management

Internships at Madison Square Garden, Rutgers University Athletic Department, and Institute of Management Accountants

"To me, #LubinLife means having my professors and peers push me to be the best version of myself. The atmosphere everywhere in Lubin is so motivating and inspiring, it pushes me to want to be the better than I was the day before."

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[Nicole Ojeda]

Nicole Ojeda '21
BBA in Management—Business Management
Minors in Economics and Political Science
Internship at She's the First

"#LubinLife is much more than recognizing the opportunities circulating around us; #LubinLife is the undying willingness to take advantage of them."

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[Matthew La Sala]

Matthew La Sala '21
BBA in Public Accounting
Founder and General Manager, Pace Fit

"My goal is to be a successful entrepreneur, and all the experience I have gained from Pace Fit will give me the skill set to be successful. I love running a business. I feel that by running a business there are no caps to how successful you can be."

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[Zeina Taqi]

Zeina Taqi '21
BBA in Finance
Owner, Bakeology

"My sister Aya, my friend Hala and I were thinking of ways to make use of our time and do something productive so we decided to create Bakeology. The premise of our business was to teach local kids the fundamentals of baking, which is how the name came about."

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[Colin Myers]

Colin Myers '21
JD in Environmental Law / MBA in Financial Management
founder of Pace Sustainability Business Club

"While studying law the past two years, I realized the importance of understanding how businesses function and what internal factors drive their decision-making. Having this understanding will allow me to better be able to advise business clients on legal risks and opportunities. This dual understanding is particularly important in the sustainability realm."

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[Avery Pickard ]

Avery Pickard '21
BBA/MBA in Public Accounting
Minor in Business Analytics
Internship at EY

"Often times, I've found that my peers are the ones who motivate me to do well and also provide me with opportunities just because the kindness of their hearts compels them to share them."

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[Sarah Ackerman]

Sarah Ackerman '21
Dual MBA In Business / Marketing Management
founder, Girl Behind the Hive

"As I explore my future options surrounding my entrepreneurial endeavors, I have found the faculty at Pace to be both receptive and helpful. I have had long conversations with different Deans, Professors, and Career Services Counselors. Each one has taken the time to meet with me to discuss different paths, resources, and potential networking opportunities to help me fulfill my goals."

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[Alexis Tenorio]

Alexis Tenorio '21
BBA in Marketing—Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Internship at Univision

"This is my first internship in a corporate environment, so I will take everything I learn from it into my next one. Fortunately, I am in a position where I am learning something new from my supervisor and his colleagues every day."

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