Analytics at Lubin

Data is being generated at a rapid pace through business transactions, online activity of users, social media activity, personal data generating devices, and sensors on devices. The easy availability of this unprecedented amount of data creates opportunities to predict outcomes and explain phenomena in a wide range of business domains such as finance and marketing and non-business domains such as medicine. Analytics is the scientific process of transforming this data into insights to yield better decisions. Lubin prepares students for the exciting world of Analytics through a wide array of analytics-oriented business courses, analytics tools and resources, competitions and bootcamps.

Lubin is Preparing Students for Careers in Analytics

[Analytics at Lubin] Lubin has introduced a number of initiatives to ensure our students are well prepared for careers in the field of analytics. We have adopted a broad scope across all disciplines to give students the skills various employers seek. This includes collection, manipulation, extraction, display, and analysis of data, as well as using data in quantitative models to drive decisions.

Lubin is Providing Students with the Latest Tools and Learning Resources

At Lubin, students have access to proprietary analysis software such as Excel, IBM SPSS, and SAS and support for open source software such as R and Python. Lubin has subscriptions to proprietary databases and dashboarding tools such as MRI Plus, Simmons OneView, Compustat, Lexis Nexis, Social Explorer, and Social Studio, as well as subscription to Qualtrics, the leading online survey platform. The learning resources include access to research databases, e-books from Books24x7 and online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning. In addition, students taking analytics courses receive free access to Tableau, the data visualization software, and DataCamp, the leading data science learning platform.

Analytics Programs

In the age of big data, there is an exploding need for professionals in every field who can analyze and manage data to make effective business decisions. Responding to this need, Lubin offers five graduate programs: MS in Customer Intelligence and Analytics, MS in Accounting Data Analytics and Technologies, MS in Marketing Analytics, MBA in Business Analytics, and MBA in Marketing Analytics, and an undergraduate program, a BBA in Business Analytics. In addition, analytics is integrated across all business disciplines at Lubin to prepare students for these tremendous career opportunities.

Boot Camps and Competitions

[Analytics at Lubin] Lubin offers a hands-on Analytics Bootcamp every semester to supplement existing curriculum with recent advances in analytics and to expose students to a wide range of tools such as Google Analytics, R and Python and techniques such as Deep Learning and Text Mining. Lubin also works with corporate partners to host competitions that give students professional experience in data analytics consulting projects. Winning teams are awarded internships and guaranteed job interviews for full-time placements. Recent competitions were hosted by Lubin with IBM; GroupM, the number one global media investment management group; and Publicis, the world's largest network of advertising agencies. In addition, Lubin organizes Predictive Modeling competition hosted on Kaggle, and student teams regularly compete against other schools outside of Pace.

Analytics Courses

There are over a hundred undergraduate and graduate courses covering various aspects of analytics offered by the Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing departments in the Lubin School of Business.

For more information on analytics programs, courses, boot camps, events, and other resources, please contact Janice Winch, PhD, or Vishal Lala, PhD,