Fulbright Finalists

To learn more about Fulbright scholarships, contact Theresa Frey, Fulbright Coordinator, at tfrey@pace.edu.

[Anthony Leo]
Anthony Leo

[Dmitriy Yermolayev]
Dmitriy Yermolayev

[Raj Shrestha]
Raj Shrestha

[Emilio Vozzolo]
Emilio Vozzolo

[Erin Deal]
Erin Deal

[Ani Voskanyan]
Ani Voskanyan

Lubin Fulbright Scholarships - 2015

Anthony J. Leo, BBA '15, has been awarded a 2015–2016 Fulbright US Student Award. He will be pursuing a research study grant in Albania, focusing on the barriers to foreign direct investment (FDI). He will be pursuing a research study grant in Albania, focusing on the barriers to foreign direct investment (FDI). The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program of the United States. Students selected for this program represent the country as a cultural ambassador while overseas. Anthony is the 43rd Pace student to be awarded a Fulbright since 2002 and the only awardee this year.

Lubin Fulbright Scholarships - 2011-2012

Dmitriy Yermolayev, BBA '09, is among the four Pace University winners of the 2011-2012 Fulbright Awards. Dmitriy selected Ukraine as his host country. His topic is economic liberation and its effect on business and entrepreneurship. Dmitriy is the owner of the IT consulting firm Integrated Dynamic Systems based in Poughkeepsie, NY. In the past, Dmitriy was awarded the Department Award for Academic Excellence in Finance and was on Pace University's Dean's List every semester.

Lubin Fulbright Scholarships - 2007-2008

The Lubin School is thrilled to have three Fulbright scholarship recipients among the five Lubin student finalists. Please see below for photos and a brief description of the research plans for the students. The students have also included the names of the faculty and administrators who were instrumental in framing and supporting their applications.

Anthony Melendez received a Fulbright scholarship to study alternative fuels in Brazil. He will examine the way in which the Brazilian automobile industry has marketed its alternative fueled autos and the perceptions and attitudes of Brazilians toward the use of alternative fuels. He is also planning to audit courses at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre and to intern at General Motors in Porto Alegre. He would like to thank Drs. Beverly Kahn, Karen Berger, Marc Scheinman, Kraig Walkup, David Gertner, and Kathy Winsted for their guidance and support.

Raj Shrestha received a Fulbright scholarship to research the alleviation of poverty in Nepal through the use of microcredit. He will study the socio-economic impact of the Nepalese private banking system's work in partnership with rural cooperatives and cottage industries to provide microcredit to the poor and deprived communities in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. While doing his research, he is also planning to take graduate courses at Kathmandu University and to intern at Everest Bank. He would like to thank Drs. Beverly Kahn, Gregory Julian, and Kathy Winsted for their guidance and support.

Emilio Vozzolo received the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to study in Italy. The ETA program runs one full school year, from September to May, and placement depends on the need of the schools in Italy. He proposed the following research which was initiated while he was an undergraduate student: 1) the role of tourism in Italy, its current economic and political state and the effect of developing tourism more in the South; 2) Italy's role in the European Union and how its economy and political system affects its position; 3) The development of modern day Italy and its cultural changes since WWII. He would like to thank Drs. Larry Bridwell, Linda Sama, Martin Marafioti, Noushi Rahman, and all of the professors who have guided and supported him during his time at Pace.

Lubin Fulbright Scholarship Finalists - 2007-2008

Erin Deal was a finalist for a Fulbright to study the emerging field of film tourism in New Zealand, however, she did not receive the Fulbright. Her proposal was to study small businesses that opened because of increased tourism to locations related to films, in particular the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and to examine the tourist growth in the rural areas where these smaller businesses are located. She also planned to audit classes at the Auckland University of Technology and intern at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute. She would like to thank Drs. Mark Weinstock, Eric Kessler, Greg Colman, Claudia Green, William Offutt, and Beverly Kahn for their guidance and support.

Ani Voskanyan was a finalist for a Fulbright to research the impact of the European Union's expansion of its member countries and their trade with the United States. She did not receive a Fulbright. She had proposed to study the financial industries in Belgium and Luxembourg and to observe the changes brought about with the acceptance of new countries within the framework of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union. She had planned to take courses at Solvay University of Brussels and to be involved in the many EU institutions in Brussels as well as in Luxembourg. She would like to thank Drs. William Offutt, Linda Sama, John Teall, Eric Kessler, and Thomas Henthorne for their guidance and support.